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Oberheim's Matrix 12 is a legendary analog synthesizer from the mid-eighties that is still the king of analog sounds. One of the fattest, roundest, pleasantly analog synthesizers around! It's long been known for creating some of the thickest and best analog pads, sweeps, buzzes, basses and textures. It features Matrix Modulation for extremely wild virtual patching for almost unlimited range of sounds and modulation capabilities!

Oberheim Matrix-12 Image

The Matrix 12 is similar to the Xpander and the lighter Matrix 6. But the Matrix 12 is much fatter and more programmable than either. Every control can have an effect on some other parameter thanks to Oberheim's flexible design. For example, there are 15 types of LFOs and VCAs per voice! And there's plenty of diagrams drawn out on the front panel of the synth to help you figure out some signal routing. This is not a synth for the beginner. It is used by The Orb, Gravity Kills, Vangelis, Technotronic, and Depeche Mode.

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42 Visitor comments
July 23, 2010 @ 7:52 pm
Yes the Matrix 12 sounds good but for how long ?? weak point is power supplies....prone to failure..these are custom ...and you WILL NOT get a replacement unless you buy an Xpander for spares! ....encoders are cheaply built and WILL fail....Vacuum Flourescent displays WILL burn out...the CEM3374 voice chips are IMPOSSIBLE to find...so if you want to buy a synth for $4000 that is DOOMED to failure go ahead...you have to keep a graveyard of Xpanders just to keep the damn thing running! ridiculous! ....don't be fooled by people claiming they are ultra reliable! ...they just want to sell theirs! ...Luckily I got rid of mine for a good price...
The King
July 9, 2010 @ 6:25 am
The M12 sounds nothing like the Matrix 1000, Similar digital control system(although severely cut down), and totally different hardware. M1000 uses the CEM3396 which has the entire synth on one IC. One of the worst sounding Curtis chips ever made.
June 15, 2010 @ 11:18 am
I am an ex M12 owner. Sold the M12 because value was rising and easy to replace with 6x M1000. This gives you as good as equal possibilities, and virtually the same sounds.
To me, the M12 is very good at pads that are easy to fit in the mix as a "fond". But the M12 is certainly not a wonder-machine as some people tend to pretend. I simply do not believe in wonder synths. It is not what you use or own, it is what you do with it...
brett skywalker
June 4, 2010 @ 6:16 pm
it is the baddest and the warmest poly synth next to the memorymoog.

you cannot compare any digital synth this it will not cut thru the mix the way these filters cut.
worth selling the farm or spending the inheritance on, you will not regret this. and it also takes props for being one the coolest synth's when the lights are out, kudos and thanks tom oberheim i wish you were back on like Sequential, but that's a different more comp oriented poly synth.
Long Live The Oberheim Matrix 12 And The Competent Techs
And Servicemen. Now that's America !
March 25, 2010 @ 9:35 pm
This synthesizer was the King of all analog / digital hybrid synths, and came out with MIDI. If Oberheim could have developed this two years earlier, who knows what would have been, but history is made up of such. Enjoy!
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  • Specifications
  • Polyphony - 12 voices
  • Oscillators - 24 (2 per voice)
  • Layers - Single / split / multitimbral
  • Memory - 100 patches
  • LFO - 15 types
  • Keyboard - 61 keys (w/ velocity & aftertouch
  • Arpeg/Seq - None
  • Control - MIDI
  • Date Produced - 1985 - 1988
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