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The RY30 is an elegant Drum Machine with advanced synth-like features that give it a really great sound. Its sounds come from a sample-based ROM synthesis engine belonging to Yamaha's SY/TG series of digital synthesizers. It's sounds are 16-bit, 48kHz PCM with digital multimode filters. It can store up to 100 user patterns and 20 songs, plus it comes with 100 preset patterns in various styles for instant drum accompaniment.

The RY30 has 90 waveforms, most of which are acoustic drum and percussion samples. There are an additional 6 analog waves including sine, triangle, and saw waves. Two oscillators can be layered per voice, and the voices can be pitched and played via MIDI. It has 16-note polyphony, but loses one voices to the metronome. There are eight touch sensitive pads dedicated to a certain type of drum sound. There are 96 drums sounds built-in (12 banks of eight). Additional sounds and patterns can be brought in via ROM cards for the RY30/RM50 as well as some SY/TG cards.

There are digital 12 and 24 db/oct hipass and lowpass filters which sound ok, and are great for contouring sounds. There are no effects except internal samples can be played in reverse. It also has four outputs that you can assign any drum sound to (kick, snare, hihat, etc). A nice little Modulation Wheel can adjust the pitch, decay time, pan, filter cutoff and the balance of the oscillators. As far as drum machines go, the RY30 is one of the nicest and biggest rivals of the venerable Roland R8.The RY30 is used by Asian Dub Foundation among others.

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30 Visitor comments
May 5, 2011 @ 1:17 pm
Just make sure the parameter slider is set to what you want to edit (pitch, filter, etc) and use the modulation wheel when in recording mode.
February 15, 2011 @ 8:22 am
This machine is awsome! Does anybody know when can I use this effects wheel? I have RY 30 about 4 hours and I still have no idea.
October 30, 2010 @ 5:57 am
Such an awesome drum machine. Since there are two waves per drum sound with a lot of parameters you can set individual for the waves it's possible to make some really sweet layered sounds. You can toss a x0x style kick sound to give bottom end to a PCM kick, create wide stereo hihats and make all sorts of interesting effects. Very 80's-90's industrial sound. The drum sounds on Skinny Puppy's Last Rights spring to mind when using this. Rich, 'dark' and this kind of digitaly warm sound. High frequencies are slightly rounded out. Somewhat Future Sound of Londonish too. Sounds fantastic when distorted with minimal tweaking. May not or ma be suitable for all styles but I absolutely love the sounds that you can get out of this. Sound editing can be a bit laborous but it's very rewarding.
October 21, 2010 @ 3:05 pm
I bought the rack version (Rm50) and I have to say that even if the programming is a real pain in the..., this is by far the best drum machine I have ever used. The sound is crystal clear with great dynamic range. The kick can be a punch in the nuts if you want. For electronic music this thing is the holy grail. Acoustic kits are realistic. Similar to ezdrummer. The only time I prefer to use software is for the snare sound when making rolls and flams. I love this thing. I'ts never gonna crash, it will never need software update, I don't need to browse a library of 10000 samples to find the right one. Once it's plugged and programmed you have enough sounds to make 10 different albums. You can also process it externally with your favorite fx and take over the world. But goddammit this thing is a nightmare to program. It's not as bad as a DX7 but you better have a coffee before you start. Have fun.
July 14, 2010 @ 10:58 am
When the RY30 was first introduced, i was working at a Yamaha dealer and all customers were speechless when i demoed the RY30 to them. They could not believe the versatility of programing with the wheel in real time. Now (2010) it STILL sounds modern and fresh to me, and i still enjoy working with it, although i own other "more powerfull" drum software. AND it is built like a tank! Very high quality material ...
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  • Specifications
  • Polyphony - 16 note polyphony (metronome takes 1 voice)
  • Sounds - 16-bit AWM2, 48 kHz. Drum tones: 96 internal PCM sounds, 32 sounds per external ROM card.
  • Sequencer - Resolution: 1/96 note, Tempo range: 40-250bpm.
  • Filter - Digital Filter, High (12 and 24 dB/oct) and Lowpass (12 and 24 dB/oct)
  • VCA - Decay Rate + Volume. Envelope rate can be modulated by Velocity.
  • Keyboard - 12 pads with velocity sensitive controlling filter, volume, EQ, and pitch
  • Memory - 100 preset and 100 user programmable patterns (up to 4 measures per pattern), 20 songs (up to 999 measures each).
  • Control - MIDI IN/OUT (16-part multitimbral)
  • Date Produced - 1991

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