Abbey Road Two: Iconic Strings Now Available

Abbey Road Two: Iconic Strings Now Available

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Mon, 12/27/2021 - 08:00


Naomi Bolton

There's no doubt that Abbey Road's Studio Two is one of the most famous recording venues in the world, and everyone from the Beatles and Pink Floyd to Oasis and Adele has made use of it for their hits. After the success of Abbey Road One, Spitfire Audio is back with Abbey Road Two: Iconic Strings.

According to Spitfire Audio, Abbey Road Two represents something truly unique and offers users a one-off sample library consisting of a signature string sound never before available. The collection was put together using five of the world's best players and recorded by GRAMMY-winning engineer Sam Okell. Microphones and recording equipment from the studio's impressive collection were also used in the process.

Studio Two has such an iconic sonic fingerprint, and thanks to its combination of controlled acoustics and one-of-a-kind equipment, it is something that cannot be replicated elsewhere. The vintage mixes captured with this collection were recorded using the REDD desk, parallel compression from the RS124, and was passed through the J37 tape machine.

Abbey Road Two: Iconic Strings covers essential playing techniques and features two professionally mixed signals. Everything was created with the studio's coveted signal path, and Spitfire Audio also claims that it features some of their most expressive legatos to date. It is a 46 GB download available for both MAC and PC. The retail price is $299, but an introductory price of $249 is in effect until the 6th of January 2022. Also available is the Abbey Road Two: Iconic Strings Professional edition, which offers the most control and customization. It features 12 signals, including two modern mixes, two vintage mixes, and eight microphone positions. The Professional edition sells for $499 with an introductory price of $399.

 For a complete list of everything included in the collections, visit the official website ( and ( Also, for a walkthrough of the package, check out the video below featuring Spitfire Audio founders Christian Henson and Paul Thomson.