Ableton Live 11 Lite Update Adds MPE Support

Ableton Live 11 Lite Update Adds MPE Support

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Wed, 07/21/2021 - 09:34


Naomi Bolton

Many synth users should be familiar with Ableton Live 11 as it comes free with numerous hardware products and apps. Owners of older versions of Live Lite are also eligible for a free upgrade to Live 11 Lite without the need for a new serial number. Instead, users can simply log in to their accounts ( and download the latest upgrade. 

The latest update to Ableton Live 11 Lite adds a host of new features, including support for MPE-capable hardware and MP Control. This is a feature that was added to Ableton Live 11 earlier this year and not something that users expected to appear in the Lite version. The new version of the software also adds new and updated devices, along with more sounds. In addition, the higher scene count and functionality give musicians a complete music production palette. It is now possible to add up to 16 Scenes, and Live can also listen to and adjust its tempo based on incoming audio from another musician or other gear, thanks to Tempo Following. 

The inclusion of MIDI Polyphonic Expression makes it easier to create evolving sonic textures by allowing users to add bends, slides, and pressure for each individual note in a chord. Live 11 Lite also offers a broader range of sound shaping possibilities with the inclusion of four new effects. These are Chorus-Ensemble, Phaser-Flanger, Limiter, and Saturator. Ableton has also added the upgrades to the Live Core Library that came with Live 11 to Live Lite, which means new sounds, drum kits, Racks, Grooves, loops, and MIDI Clips. 

Check out the official website ( for a list of all the key features in Ableton Live 11 Lite.