Arturia Releases New Version of Pigments

Arturia Releases New Version of Pigments

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Fri, 04/23/2021 - 07:07


Naomi Bolton

Arturia has recently released the third incarnation of its polychrome software synthesizer, Pigments. It has always been a flagship product for the French brand and according to Arturia Pigments has evolved to be bigger, bolder, and more versatile than ever before.

With Pigments 3, Arturia aims to give users the power of every shade of synthesis. It is a free update for existing Pigment users, who can also purchase an exclusive 500-preset Spectrum Sound Pack for a discounted price during the introductory period, which ends on May 13, 2021. Users who are new to Pigments can buy the latest version with a 50% off, or more, discount and get the Spectrum Sound Pack at no additional cost.

New additions to Pigments 3 include the harmonic oscillator for expressive and beautiful additive synthesis as well as the addition of a third utility engine to add depth and color to any sound. A total of 64 new wavetables have been added to the Pigments wavetable engine for metallic and aggressive timbres while the effects section has been upgraded with four new FX. These include a new Pitch Shift Delay and Flanger BL-20. Enhanced filter and FX routing are also now featured with Pigments 3 while vintage synth enthusiasts will appreciate the inclusion of Jup-8 V's iconic resonant low pass filter. Rounding out the package is 200 new preset sounds as well as new in-app tutorials to get users started.

Arturia believes that with Pigments 3 they have raised the bar for VST instruments and that it is capable of surpassing the capabilities of both premium hardware synths and plugins alike. These are lofty claims indeed, but judging by the great response that Pigments has had from users they are certainly on the right track. Pigments 3 allows users to combine any two out of four sound engines for their custom timbres, choose any two out of ten filter types, with advanced routing and make use of 18 FX algorithms. Users can modulate anything with anything using a simple click-and-drag interface and with a preset library spanning 1200 presets across every genre, there is plenty to get you started.

For more information check out the video below and visit the official Arturia website to purchase your copy. Pigments 3 works in Standalone, VST, AAX, and Audio Unit formats.