Ashun Sound Machines Unveils Hydrasynth 2.0 OS

Ashun Sound Machines Unveils Hydrasynth 2.0 OS

Post date:

Fri, 03/24/2023 - 07:42


Naomi Bolton

Ashum Sound Machines (ASM) has recently announced the new 2.0 firmware as a free update for all Hydrasynth owners. The firmware is compatible with the full Hydrasynth line of products, and since it has almost been three years since the last update, it brings a host of new features to the table. The new features are as follows:

  • Memory has been expanded to 8 banks for the 49, Desktop and Explorer models
  • New modulation source
  • Voice modulator
  • OSC Bit reducer
  • LFO quantize
  • ENV quantizer
  • LFO Step Advance
  • Global FX bypass
  • Increased Vibrato resolution
  • New sustain pedal options that include Sostenuto
  • More LED options
  • Glissando in glide options
  • The Arp Range now goes to six octaves
  • Arp Step Offset parameter
  • More Rand/Init shortcuts (all STEP LFO steps, Wavescan waves, Voice mod offsets), local On/Off saved, and more

Hydrasynth owners can visit the official website ( to download the firmware packs, which include the updater and manager, or to download the owner’s manuals for their products.