Behringer Ask Fans For Opinion On 1601 Sequencer

Behringer Ask Fans For Opinion On 1601 Sequencer

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Thu, 01/06/2022 - 07:20


Naomi Bolton

In a recent social media post, Behringer posted images of a new prototype that they built based on the iconic ARP 1601 Sequencer. According to the post, they have also added two useful quantizers and states that the 1601 Sequencer is a perfect companion for the 2600 or any other synthesizer. Behringer also said that they have not yet decided whether or not they will put the 1601 in production but would like the opinion of their fans on the matter.

Although the original ARP 1601 Sequencer doesn't have nearly as many features as more recent sequencers, its intuitive interface still makes it a favorite of fans. The Behringer version appears to match the original's simplicity but updates it with MIDI out and other sync options. Judging by the photos of the prototype, Behringer also made their 1601 more compact to match the Eurorack sized format. Overall, the design looks great and definitely aligns with their 2600 synth.

Fans were quick to respond to the post, with many asking about a possible price point, but Behringer had no information on this yet. However, they did reveal that the quantizers would be programmable through the SynthTribe app. The response to their post was very positive, with many fans expressing an interest in the 1601. Most of the reactions also urged Behringer to release different color schemes for the sequencer and add more features.

Check out the original Facebook post below to see what fans thought of the prototype. For more information about Behringer and their products, visit their official website ( and let us know in the comments below or on the forum what your thoughts are about their 1601.