Behringer New Release Roundup

Behringer New Release Roundup

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Fri, 03/10/2023 - 09:11


Naomi Bolton

Behringer has made a series of announcements about their products that are either ready to ship or have moved to production. In addition to the confirmed ones, Behringer teased the release of the MS-1 mkII, a new version of their Roland SH-1-01-inspired synth, in a post on social media. While the original release offered value for money, it was not without problems, most notably the MIDI implementation. According to Behringer, the new model will be as close as it gets to the original, but they have not released any official information on when it will be available. When asked if all of their synths would be getting mkII versions, Behringer responded by stating only where they feel they can make a significant improvement. 

Here’s a roundup of what else Behringer fans can expect from this synth manufacturer in the near future.

Behringer PRO-800

Status: In Production

Behringer has revealed that their PRO-800, inspired by the Sequential Circuits Prophet-6000, is finally in production. Their social media post thanked fans for their support and patience during the long wait due to the global chip shortage that has challenged many companies. However, they did caution that getting the synthesizer into people’s hands might take a while but that the beautiful instrument would compensate for the long wait. Check out the video below to hear the PRO-800 in action.

Behringer Solina

Status: Shipping

Behringer has also announced that their take on the classic Solina String Ensemble, called the Behringer Solina, is now shipping from their factory. However, they have cautioned fans that it might take a bit of time to reach them as they have massive backorders. According to Behringer, Solina includes all the most demanded features, such as a built-in phaser, external modulation/patching connectivity, 5-pin, and USB MIDI, while in a form factor that works well for modern-day setups. 

Behringer Toro

Status: Shipping

Also currently shipping from their factory is the Toro, which Behringer describes as an authentic, fully analog replica of the Moog Taurus pedal MK1. Toro features a pure analog signal path, 2 VCOs, and is capable of a 5-octave range. In addition, Toro promises to be desktop, rack-mount, and fully Eurorack compatible and deliver the same iconic sounds of the historical model. Check out the video below to see the Toro in action, which according to Behringer, has an estimated price of $349.

Behringer Edge

Status: In Production

Behringer announced their semi-modular percussion synth, Edge, in October of last year and has now revealed that it is finally in production and ready to ship. Edge features dual VCOs with pulse and triangle waves, oscillator sync, and FM, as well as an 8-step sequencer, 15x10 patch matrix, and comprehensive MIDI implementation. Check out the video for the Behringer Edge below.