Bob Moog Foundation Raffle Features Vintage Minimoog Signed by Geddy Lee

Bob Moog Foundation Raffle Features Vintage Minimoog Signed by Geddy Lee

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The Bob Moog Foundation is known for some epic raffles, with one of the most recent ones featuring a Minimoog signed by Billy Joel. Their latest raffle is no exception, and this time the prize that is up for grabs is a fully restored, vintage Minimoog signed by Geddy Lee. Of course, rush fans will know Lee as the legendary synthesist, bassist, and vocalist for this prolific band.

The serial number of the Minimoog is 4070, and it dates back to February 14, 1974, when it was built at Moog Music's Williamsville, NY factory. Considering that it is almost 49 years old, it is in very good condition with only some minor cosmetic flaws that are typical for vintage instruments. From a technical standpoint, the synth is also in excellent condition and sports a desirable modification in the form of the Opto-Key upgrade. This was created by Kevin Lightner and replaces the original mechanical contacts of the synth with infrared light sensors. The purpose of this mod is to eliminate contact cleaning or war. As part of the Opto-Key upgrade, the synth also has MIDI In/Out, with the jacks modified discretely not to leave any holes in the chassis. In addition to his signature, Geddy also wrote, "This device is a modern-day warrior" on the synth, which is a reference to one of the classic Rush songs, "Tom Sawyer" where like with many of their most iconic songs, he prominently used the Minimoog. Lee praised the Minimoog, saying its fat, identifiable tone sets it apart and that it is a very approachable instrument with sections that are broken down in a very understandable manner. 

Fans who want to get their hands on the Minimoog will have to hurry, as ticket sales last only three weeks. Only 10,000 tickets are on offer from February 6 to February 27. It should be noted that the raffle is open internationally, and several of the past winners have resided outside of the U.S. The tickets sell for $25 each but can also be purchased in bulk at five for $100, 12 for $200, or 35 for $500. The estimated value for the vintage Minimoog is $10,000 USD, and Jareth Lackey of Synthpro Restorations meticulously restored it. The winner of the raffle will be announced on March 3, 2023. 

For more information, check out the video below and visit the official website ( to enter the raffle. All proceeds of the raffle are going to good causes, including Dr. Bob's SoundSchool, the preservation of the Bob Moog Foundation Archive, and the Moogseum.