Brian Eno Sharing Decades Of Unreleased Tracks On Sonos Radio HD

Brian Eno Sharing Decades Of Unreleased Tracks On Sonos Radio HD

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Tue, 06/29/2021 - 08:41


Naomi Bolton

Sonos Radio HD is living up to its promise of stations curated by world-renowned artists featuring the music they love the most. One of the latest artists to receive his own station on the service is Brian Eno. Titled, The Lighthouse, this new station promises to broadcast unheard tracks from Eno's vast archive.

Eno is joining a growing list of artist-curated stations that already include the likes of The Chemical Brothers, Björk, and Thom Yorke. In an Instagram post, Sonos revealed that The Lighthouse serves as a "living collection to premiere past and new musical projects." The station will also give listeners rare insight into Eno's illustrious career that spans more than 50 years of creating, producing, and redefining music.

In a press statement, Eno revealed that The Lighthouse covers a broad period and that the earliest track on there dates as far back as 1990. He also stated that more pieces will be added to the station as time goes on and that there is a possibility of tracks that are even older appearing. One of the three programs on Eno's station is Program 1, where he opens up about his decision to share his archive with the world and provides some insights into the unreleased material. Sonos, in turn, describes the project as a testament to how they approach partnering with artists for exclusive content on their service. Listeners can check out Program 1 for free or Mixcloud or via the embedded player below.

The Lighthouse is exclusive to Sonos Radio HD, and Sonos customers can tune in through the in-app Sonos Sound System archive. Sonos Radio HD is a subscription-based service available for $7.99/month, so visit the official website ( for more information. Sonos Radio HD also has a free trial, but the service is currently only available in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Austria, and the Netherlands.