Entonal Studio Transforms Synthesizers Into Microtonal Instruments

Entonal Studio Transforms Synthesizers Into Microtonal Instruments

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Node Audio has released Entonal Studio, which allows users to transform their favorite synths into microtonal instruments. With its radial graph, Eternal Studio promises "infinite freedom" to create as users can quickly retune scale notes by color and angular position. Users can also drag notes or have them snap to ratios, and view relative intervals between two or more held notes.

Entonal Studio allows users to host AU / VST2 and VST3 instruments and make them microtonal with MPE, MIDI pitch bend, or MTS-ESP. It also features a preset browser with hundreds of non-standard tunings to discover. In total, there are over 200 presets to choose from. These allow users to do a huge amount without prior knowledge of microtonality, but the option to deep dive is still available to experienced users. Along with a bank of common tunings and useful starting points, users can also export and import custom scales using scala or XML. The Entonal Studio Discord channel is a great starting place to share and discover tunings.

The scale editor can be used to enter note values as cents, ratios, EDO degrees, or mathematical expressions, add or remove notes in a snap and even modify octave values in cents or as a ratio. In addition, new scales can be generated with the scale generator to create custom temperaments. Helpful hints are featured to explain what the values mean, and it is possible to script your own scale generator.

Entonal Studio features comprehensive mapping options and a straightforward visual interface to map tunings to your keyboard. Custom mappings make it a breeze to match whatever unique setup you have, and it is easy to map only white keys or sections of the keyboard if you prefer to do so. In addition, Entonal Studio users can make microtonal music without any third-party synthesizers thanks to its built-in synth called Simple Synth. It is a single oscillator synth that offers three waveforms, ADSR envelope controls, and a delay unit. Along with alias-free oscillators, it has a super snappy envelope, and the harmonics for each waveform can be adjusted with a tone control.

Entonal Studio can be purchased from the official website for an introductory price of £59 until mid-August, when it will revert to the regular price of £79. Users can also download a 28-day trial version for free. For more information, check out the video below or visit the official Entonal Studio website.