Five New Overlays Released For Moog Subharmicon

Five New Overlays Released For Moog Subharmicon

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Thu, 11/26/2020 - 08:50


Naomi Bolton

If you are a Moog Subharmicon owner and want a new look for your synth without having to risk any DIY modifications you are in luck. Oversynth recently released a new collection of overlays for this synth featuring large fonts along with high contrast graphics. These help to improve visibility in low light and also make it easier to perform quick control adjustments and patching while performing live. Along with color-coded sequencers that match their corresponding oscillator sections some of the designs also use color-coding for the patch bay jacks. The new Subharmicon overlays, named GRNDMTHR, Bluephase, Legend, Whitephase, and Blackphase, sell for $35 and Oversynth offers worldwide shipping. Instructions for installing the overlays can also be found on their website.

Check out the video below to see a live performance of a Subharmonicon with an overlay. Check out the official website at for other overlays too including ones for the Behringer Neutron, MicroKorg, Moog DFAM, Mother-32, Teenage Engineering OP-Z, and many others. Using their overlays makes it easy to match the color-schemes of the synths in your collection with each other.