Google Launches Brief History Of Electronic Music

Google Launches Brief History Of Electronic Music

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Tue, 03/30/2021 - 07:57


Naomi Bolton

Google has launched a new online project called Music, Makers and Machines: A Brief History of Electronic Music that should be of special interest to all synth fans. The purpose of the project is to enlighten more people about electronic music and Google didn't tackle this ambitious goal alone. Instead, they partnered with museums, music labels as well as non-profit entities around the globe to make this project a reality. In total, they have teamed up with more than 50 partners including SMEM, the Bob Moog Foundation, the Alan R. Pearlman Foundation, the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, and more.

Music, Makers and Machines can be accessed online and showcases everything from images and text to audio samples for users to experience. ti also includes profiles on some of the pioneers of the genre and information on the iconic production studios that have become synonymous with the electronic genre.

The biggest draw for synth enthusiasts will be the inclusion of 22 virtual synthesizers. These synths have been meticulously scanned and converted into 3D models. The synths, which include the Akai MPC-60, Roland TR-808, Fairlight CMI, Roland SH-101, and ARP Odyssey, can also be viewed in augmented reality. Even more impressive is the option to play some of the synths from home in AR. In this online experiment, users can play with five famous synthesizers from the collection of the Swiss Museum for Electronic Music Instruments using augmented reality and 3D modeling. The Moog Memorymoog, ARP Odyssey, Fairlight CM, Akai S900, and Roland CR-78 are all available and can be used in a virtual space, complete with step sequencers and sound tweaking controls. Although usable from a desktop computer, this feature really shines on a phone that supports augmented reality. It allows you to scan your own surroundings for the application to recognize and then use the synthesizers within that virtual space.

The Music, Makers and Machines exhibition is packed with enough information and media to keep synth enthusiasts busy for a long time. Whether you want to learn about the machines and studios or simply want to explore the songs and the artists, it has something for everyone. The beginner's guide to electronic music also serves as a great introduction to those who want to get their feet wet with electronic music. Other highlights include virtual tours of legendary studios, detailed bios on inventors such as Daphne Oram and Raymond Scott, and even thousands of flyers all sorted by color. In addition, teachers and students can access lesson plans from the exhibit.

To experience the Music, Makers and Machines exhibition from a PC or laptop visit the official website. To access the exhibition on mobile devices users must first install the Google Arts & Culture app that is available on both the Google Play Store for Android users and the Apple App Store for iOS users.