Hexinverter Closing Operations In 2023

Hexinverter Closing Operations In 2023

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These past few years have seen several synth manufacturers close their doors, including the likes of WMD and Mutable Instruments. Unfortunately, Canadian-based Hexinverter is joining this list after a recently released social media post about their stock situation and future plans. In the post, they describe that, like many others, they have been hit hard by stock shortages and struggled to keep up with demand for their modules as a result. Unfortunately, this has caused some of their products to fall out of stock for months or even years at a time.

Due to the post-pandemic manufacturing climate, Hexinverter has decided they have no other option except to close down their operations within the following year. While they did not have a concrete “end date” to share with their supporters, they did say that it would be sometime in 2023. Along with the bad news, there is some good news as they are shipping a number of their modules that have been out of stock for a long time, such as the Mutant Brain. These will be the final runs of their products that will be built, so anyone interested in getting their hands on them should check out their local dealers or the direct shop.

Check out their complete statement in the embedded post below and visit the official website (http://www.hexinverter.net/) to see more of their products.

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