Humble Music Producer Pro Pack Bundle - Synths & Sounds

Humble Music Producer Pro Pack Bundle - Synths & Sounds

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Humble, known for its games and software bundles, is back with another pack that will be of interest to music producers and synth enthusiasts. The Music Producer Pro Pack: Synths & Sounds software bundle features 12 items valued at over 500 dollars. As with most Humble bundles, this one is available with three different tiers.

Tier 1:

The first tier requires a payment of at least $1 and comes with the following three items:

Transparency (MSRP $39) is the fourth title in the Applied Acoustics Sound Pack Series for the Ultra Analog VA. It offers 149 rich presets to explore.

Reverence (MSRP $39) - This preset collection features 115 sounds divided into seven categories, serving as an ode to modern and vintage analog synths.

AAS Player Free + Pack Swatches (MSRP $39): This compilation features more than 720 high-quality sounds that can be played using the free AAS Player plug-in.

Tier 2:

The second tier requires a minimum payment of $10 and adds one additional item along with the three items in the first tier. 

Caffeine (MSRP $39) - This collection of 105 presets features outlandish keys, leads and synths, growling organs, odd pads, and much more. 

Tier 3:

The third tier requires a minimum payment of $20 but includes the four items from the two previous tiers and eight more.

Strum Session (MSRP $59) - Strum Session combines an acoustic and electric guitar in the same package and makes playing guitar on a keyboard easy thanks to chord recognition, chord voicing, strumming and picking action, and much more.

Lounge Lizard Session (MSR $59) - This electric piano plug-in features authentic classic electric piano tones with outstanding sound quality, action, and feel.

Ultra Analog Session (MSR $59) - This analog synthesizer is arpeggiator-ready and features a sound library with signature presets from producers Richard Devine and Sean Divine. 

Urban Trip (MSRP $39) - This Hip Hop toolbox features 100 presets designed for modern beatmakers. 

Turmoil District (MSRP $39) - This collection of 101 presets features everything you need to explore the dark and sad atmosphere of Trap, Cloud Trap, R&B, Hip-Hop, and ambient music. 

Hop Riffs (MSRP $39) - Hop Riffs features 12 hop sub-genres, 84 guitar presets, and 84 strumming patterns that are playable with your own chord progressions.

Low End Theory (MSRP $39) - This collection of 114 presets features low bass sounds, fast and punchy kick drums, catchy sine whistles, saw synth leads, and much more.

Stranger Things (MSRP $39) - This collection of over 100 presets covers everything from rock and pop to industrial, movie soundtracks, hip hop, trap, and EDM. 

The Humble Music Producer Pro Pack Synths & Sounds Software Bundle is active until Thursday, 11 July 2024, and some of the proceeds will be donated to the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Visit the Humble website to grab a copy of the bundle or hear how the items included sound.