Korg Releases Shining Homage To Two Decades of microKORG Legacy

Korg Releases Shining Homage To Two Decades of microKORG Legacy

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Fri, 05/12/2023 - 10:17


Naomi Bolton

It has been more than twenty years since Korg released the microKORG in 2002, and the synth has remained strong ever since. According to Korg, it has continued to be one of the most popular choices for musicians on stage and in the studio. In honor of this legacy, they have released the special edition microKORG Crystal. 

The microKORG crystal features a brand new take on the microKORG structure, which has remained unchanged up to now. The most striking feature is the semi-translucent chassis that allows everyone to see the electronics and internals. The transparency even extends to the controllers, with the knobs, dials, and wheels all being semi-transparent. To blend with the semi-translucent knobs and dials, the microKORG Crystal features a stainless mirror-finish front panel. In addition, the wooden side panels of the original microKORG have been replaced with sleek aluminum side panels that give the instrument a clean and depurated look. Continuing with this theme, Korg is even including a dedicated carry bag made of transparent vinyl for the microKORG Crystal so that users can show it off on and off stage. 

Apart from the decorative details, the other specifications for the microKORG Crystal remain exactly the same as the original instrument. The full specifications can be viewed on the official website (https://www.korg.com/us/products/synthesizers/microkorg/page_3.php). Those interested in getting their hands on a microKORG Crystal can pre-order the instrument for $529.99 (plus shipping). Korg estimates that shipping will begin on September 29, 2023.