Latest Synth Accessory & Software Releases

Latest Synth Accessory & Software Releases

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The start of a new year has since plenty of new releases on both the hardware and software front. This month has been no exception, so check out this roundup of some of the most notable new releases.

Zen Delay Virtual

By Erica Synths


Price: €99.00

Zen Delay Virtual by Erica Synths

Erica Synths released the virtual successor to their Zen Delay hardware FX unit. According to them, it is not meant to be a replacement for the Zen Delay hardware but instead functions as an addition to it. So, instead of being a digital replica of the original hardware Zen Delay Virtual brings several new functions into play. ZDV is designed to help refine, redefine, and remold sound in fascinating ways, no matter what instrument or sonic source you play. ZDV’s standout features are a new LFO page controlling Filter and Delay, along with FM and AM controls to increase the scope for further dank modulation. Your own effect settings can be saved with the aid of the preset manager, which also has a built-in selection of presets. The various triplets and dotted delay times have brand-new groove timings, and changing the routing between the delay and filter stages is now possible. With the latter, it is possible to insert the filter within the feedback loop. 

Zen Delay Virtual is available for both Windows and MacOS. Visit the official website for more information or to view the user manual. Erica Synths also promises to plant a five-year-old oak tree for every license sold. This is part of the reforestation project by the Liquid Sky artist collective in southern Portugal.

Cre8Audio EastBeast And West Pest Synthesizers Front Panel Overlays

By Oversynth


Price: $28

Cre8Audio EastBeast and West Pest Synthesizers Front Panel Overlays

Oversynth, which is known for its synth overlays, has announced the latest additions to its store. This time it is the EastBeast and West Pest synths by Cre8Audio that can be customized. Owners of these synths will know that while they sound great, their panels can be challenging to read, even more so in low studio light or by users with visual impairments. The new panels by Oversynth are available in “Whitephase” and “Blackphase” variations, with both featuring high-contrast graphics and large fonts for easy viewing in low light. 

Installing the overlays is as easy as removing the front panel knobs from your synthesizer, removing the backing from the included adhesive tabs on the underside of the overly, and then placing it over the synth. According to Oversynth, the overlays use low-tack adhesive for easy removal and are printed on highly durable, waterproof, and 100% recyclable polyester sheets. In addition, thanks to the matte finish of the overlays, they minimize reflections from ambient light and offer maximum readability. The two new overlays join a growing list that includes the likes of the Moog Werkstatt-01, Arturia Keystep Pro, Moog Mavis, and Dreadbox Typhon.

Twins 3 Filter Plug-in

By FabFilter


Price: $129

Twins 3

FabFilter has released Twin 3, the latest version of their award-winning virtual analog synthesizer. It not only features a complete redesign of the GUI and workflow but also packs more and better oscillators and filters. In addition, Twin 3 has a radically powered-up modulation system and an all-new FX section. Those who have used Twin 2 will appreciate the slick new preset browser that replaces the simple menu of the previous version.

FabFilter simplified the interface for Twin 3 and made it resizable, adding full-screen mode as well as customizable scaling, making for an easier workflow along. The sound quality of the oscillator and filters have been improved, and FabFilter added build-in, analog-modeled drift as well as a fourth oscillator. All filters can now be adjusted at once and modulated using the new large Filter Freq/Peak offset knobs. A new quality effects section has also been added with reverb, delay, chorus, phaser/flanger, drive, and compression. Other highlights include new slope settings for the envelope generators, 64-voice polyphony and unison, an arpeggiator, live modulation visualization for targets and sources, and much more. 

FabFilter is available for Windows and macOS in VST, VST3, Audio Units, AAX Native, and AudioSuite formats. For more information or to download the 30-day trial visit the official website. 


By K-Devices


Price: $2.99


New from K-Devices is Magma, an audio processor for iOS. Magma is unique because it grabs incoming audio and then “twists its presence throughout time, blends it with its past self, unravels its most recondite shades, and controls its weight in space.” According to K-Devices, this allows Magma to create everything between dark drones, shimmery textures, and weird percussive timbres. It sounds very grandiose but is definitely able to give your sounds a new identity. Magma is available in AUv3 format at a 55% discount until March 31, 2023. For more information on how it works or to purchase a copy visit the App Store page.