MiniMod Keyz by AJH Synths Now Available

MiniMod Keyz by AJH Synths Now Available

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AJH Synth recently unveiled their new Minimoog-inspired Eurorack keyboard synth, the MiniMod Keyz. This modular mono synth, which features the much acclaimed MiniMod modules, recreates the vintage circuitry and sounds of the early RA Moog Model D. While it can function as a standalone keyboard synthesizer, the MiniMod Keyz can also be patched to other Eurorack models to expand it even further. 

Thanks to the MiniMod Modules of this synth, it boasts the following specifications:

  • Three VCO’s
  • Two Shaped sine Sub bass generators
  • Classic 24dB vintage Ladder filter
  • 6dB and 12dB High Pass VCF
  • Dual Cascaded VCA
  • Dual Contour generators
  • Glide Noise modulator
  • Tap-Tempo VCO-LFO
  • Onboard second multi-function modulation LFO
  • Sustain Pedal input triggers arpeggiator latch function
  • Headphone output to full-size stereo ¼” jack, and output level controls
  • MIDI In with 5-pin Din socket and class-compliant USB socket
  • MIDI Out over USB and 5-pin Din
  • Generates MIDI clock from internal arpeggiator and receives MIDI clock in

To complete the vintage look of the MiniMod Keyz, it has been paired with the Cre8audio NiftyKeyz controller, which features custom-edged, American Walnut end cheeks. The NiftyKeyz controller has the following features: 

  • Full size 49 key synth-action keybed
  • CV outputs for Velocity and Aftertouch
  • Two mode modulation wheel
  • Internal LFO 1 that can generate Ramp, Saw, Triangle, Square, or Random waveforms
  • Front panel octave switch -1/0/+1 octaves
  • Transpose up or down in semitones by up to one octave
  • Clock input and output
  • Two active multi’s for splitting CV and audio signals
  • Switchable between Gate retrigger or legato modes
  • Dual outputs with 2 x mix jacks each for up to four signals that can be routed to outputs
  • Aftertouch and expression pedal smoothing
  • Four Pitch CV outs and 4 gate outs
  • Autochord function

For more information, check out the MiniMod Keyz video below or visit the official website (