MOD Devices “Rebooted” as MOD Audio

MOD Devices “Rebooted” as MOD Audio

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Fri, 10/21/2022 - 09:13


Naomi Bolton

After declaring insolvency earlier in 2022 due to global supply chain issues, MOD Devices has returned under the name MOD Audio. Although many of the founders and shareholders tried to get the company back on track using private cash, things did not work out. However, fundraising was begun by some of the founders, team, and shareholders with the intention of “rebooting” MOD Devices as a new company. The fundraising goal was 200k€, which was eventually reached, and a new company, named MOD Audio UG, was founded. 

Gianfranco Ceccolini, one of the co-founders, announced in a forum post that it was one of the nicest fundraisers he has ever experienced, despite the tension involved. Another MOD Team member posted that while it took longer than expected, MOD Audio is finally listed in the German company register. He also stated that MOD Audio is fully operative and the “final stretch of the German bureaucracy marathon” is in sight. 

Currently, the MOD Audio Plugin Store and Pedalboard Feed are still offline, but this is something that they are actively working on restoring. For more information or to join the discussion, visit the official MOD Audio forums ( This is not the first case of a synth manufacturer making a comeback after closing its doors, as Future Audio also recently announced its return (