Moog Unveils new Budget-Friendly Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer

Moog Unveils new Budget-Friendly Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer

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Fri, 06/17/2022 - 08:12


Naomi Bolton

Moog has recently released a new build-it-yourself semi-modular analog synthesizer called Mavis. According to Moog, this low-cost synth is aimed at creatives who want to begin their journey into the Moog ecosystem or expand their existing synth setup. Mavis features both the legendary Moog sound and quality, and with a price tag of $349 USD, it also offers serious value for money.

Mavis is not only compact but can also be removed from its enclosure and used as a 24-point CV-controllable module compatible with any Eurorack system. Moreover, thanks to its semi-modular design and one-octave keyboard, all it needs is a speaker or headphones for immediate musical exploration.

Moog fans will notice that Mavis mixes the familiar with the exotic as it features the legendary Moog oscillator and filter circuits but also includes a diode wavefolder. This marks the first time an analog wavefolder appears on a Moog instrument. Moog also believes that Mavis can deliver intuitive, creative experimentation and musical connection thanks to its clever presentation of synthesis modules.

Since Mavis is a build-it-yourself synthesizer, users need to assemble it by hand. However, this can be done by users of any skill level as no soldering is required. In addition, minimal tools are needed to assemble all the components that are included in the instrument's carefully curated packaging. Moog has stated that the build-it-yourself element of this synth invites users to get closer to the circuits at the heart of Mavis and make a connection with the instrument. Users are also guided on how to use Mavis through a selection of patch books and educational materials. These are aimed at encouraging creative patching and sound design.

Regarding features, Mavis does not disappoint as it has a 24-point patch bay for use with other voltage-controlled devices. It also has a full-range analog oscillator and a -14dB Moog Low Pass Ladder Filter. In addition, it has an audio rate LFO and 4-stage envelope generator along with wavefolding and modular utilities. Last up is its patchable sample and hold circuit, which generates a random CV pattern that can be used to modulate other parameters.

To demonstrate just how versatile the sonic range of Mavis is, Moog's creative team released a short film featuring seven songs performed by different electronic artists. Watch the embed below to see how easy it is to integrate Mavis into a variety of modern electronic workflows.

For more information or to find a Moog dealer in your area, visit the official website at Mavis is available from authorized Moog dealers worldwide at the cost of $349 USD.