New FM Synth Announced By Korg

New FM Synth Announced by Korg

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Thu, 11/26/2020 - 08:31


Naomi Bolton

Korg has recently announced that FM synth fans have a new bit of hardware in the form of the OpSix to look forward to. According to Korg, the OpSix will cause users to rethink everything they know about FM synthesis. The brand has already brought wave sequencing back in a more immediately accessible way with Wavestate and decided to follow a similar approach with the Opsix.

They describe the Opsix as an "altered" six-operator FM synthesizer that will widen the potential of digital synths to their utmost. Korg also promises that the Opsix doesn't just reproduce the sounds of classic FM synthesizers, but totally re-imagines them. This is accomplished with operator modes that go beyond the realm of FM along with a filter that brings together a fusion of subtractive synthesis. FM fans will know how much effort can go into programming sounds for these synths, but Opsix will allow users to explore sounds instead of getting bogged down in the technicalities. It remains to be seen whether Opsix can live up to the promise of offering the editing simplicity of analog synths to control digital synthesis, but it does sound exciting.

The Opsix will have six sets of knobs and sliders, full editing with the Data Entry knobs, 40 preset algorithms and user algorithms, three series of 30 different effects, a spectrum analyzer and oscilloscope as well as much more. For more information check out the full specifications for the Opsix on the official Korg website (