New Major Update For Tracktion Waveform Free and VST3 Public Beta For Soundtoys

New Major Update For Tracktion Waveform Free and VST3 Public Beta For Soundtoys

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Fri, 08/26/2022 - 08:59


Naomi Bolton

August has seen some new updates on the software front, with Waveform Free DAW receiving a major update and Soundtoys receiving a public beta for macOS and Windows. Waveform Free 12 features a fresh new look as well as a wealth of new features to cement its reputation as one of the world's best and only cross-platform fully featured free DAWs.

Waveform Free has made a splash in the DAW world by not restricting free users with any timeouts, watermarks, track count limits, export or render restrictions, or 3rd party plugin restrictions. In addition, there are no limitations on saving or any copyright restrictions. The new update delivers a sharper, high-contrast appearance as well as 15 refreshed audio effects. Improvements have also been made in performance and functionality, while the six new utility plugins include a much-requested "convert to mono" tool as well as a spectrum analyzer. In addition, the Waveforms Free browser has been given a complete overhaul with features such as tags, favorites, and smart lists. Along with the variety of instruments and effects included with Waveform Free, the DAW also supports VST, VST3, and Audio Unit.

Check out the embedded video below for a rundown of what is new and featured in WaveForm Free 12. The Tracktion website also has a feature comparison that shows what Waveform Free has to offer in contrast to the commercial version (

Soundtoys has also announced that the latest version of their software is now available as a public beta for macOS and Windows. One of the most exciting new additions to version 5.3.8 of Soundtoys is that it now supports VST3. Soundtoys users interested in trying out the beta can visit the official website ( and create an account. Doing so will provide them with access to the forum and beta installers.

Soundtroys have stated that they have been doing internal testing with their beta team for many months in all DAWs, which is why they feel comfortable opening it up to the public. However, they are still busy completing their final rounds of testing, and since the plugins are still in beta, they may contain some bugs. For this reason, they recommend that users who are not in need of VST3 support wait until the official release. They have, however, vowed to work as fast as possible to resolve any discovered issues and get to an official release as soon as possible.