New Releases by Unknown Devices, Mystic Circuits, and Erica Synths

New Releases by Unknown Devices, Mystic Circuits, and Erica Synths

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Nothing beats new hardware to play around with, and fortunately, there are plenty of new and upcoming releases for synth enthusiasts to get excited about. Here are just a few notable ones that are worth keeping an eye on.


Topo T16

By Unknown Devices


Price: 159,00€ excl. Vat (About $179)

Topo T16  By Unknown Devices

Unknown Devices has announced that the first batch of their compact, versatile MIDI controller, Topo T16, is now in preorder and will ship on June 3, 2024. Topo T16 features three main “play modes” that can be customized with a web configurator and sixteen magnetic-sensing keys with velocity and aftertouch. 


Topo T16 offers Keyboard, Joystick, and Fader play modes, a touch strip, four memory banks that each have their own settings, USB-C for power and MIDI in/out, and MIDI TRS output with both A and B modes support as well as experimental OSC support. It has a high-quality 3D printed case, and Unknown Devices has stated that the STLs are available for free. Check out the demo for Topo T16 below and head to the official website to order one with translucent black or transparent clear keycaps. 



By Mystic Circuits


 Price: $225

 ANA 2  By Mystic Circuits


Mystic Circuits has released ANA 2, a cross-modulation powerhouse that derives nine different analog logic operations in tandem from two input signals. It improves on its predecessor with three new wave shaping outputs and a pair of “multiplication” CV inputs for controlling a bipolar VCA acting on each main input. Mystic Circuits also stepped up the aesthetics of ANA 2 by adding two LED level indicators for each channel and cleaning up the panel art. For more information and the full technical specifications, visit the official Mystic Circuits website. 


EDU DIY Snare Drum  By Erica Synths


 Price: € 65.00 (About $70)


After releasing Kick and Hi-Hat kits, Erica Synths announced the latest addition to their percussion-focused second season of educational DIY kits. The mki x DIY Snar Drum offers a punchy, snappy snare drum that can create the rhythmic backbone for most grooves when used in conjunction with the Kick kit. 


As with the rest of the kits in this range, it was designed to teach people with little to no prior experience how to design analog synthesizer circuits from scratch. The kit takes users through the whole circuit design process step by step, with explanations for each choice made in the design and how these impact the finished module. It features manual and CV controlled Tune, tune CV depth attenuator, manual Attack and Decay control, manual and CV snappy control, and accent input. For more information, visit the official website and check out the video by Moritz Klein below.