Noise Engineering Announces New Modules For Legio and Versio Platforms

Noise Engineering Announces New Modules For Legio and Versio Platforms

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Fri, 08/19/2022 - 08:20


Naomi Bolton

Noise Engineering has recently announced that they will be releasing two new modules for their Legio and Versio platforms. Legio is their stereo/effects platform, while Versio is their shapeshifting effects platform. The two modules, Polydactyl Versio and Tymp Legio are both available for pre-order and expected to ship on August 25, 2022.

According to Noise Engineering, Tymp Legio was inspired by their love for all things percussive. This is also reflected in the name, with "Tymp" being Latin for "drum" and "Legio" Latin for "legion." In addition, they want the module to reflect their sense of playfulness and commitment to making great-sounding stuff without taking themselves too seriously. They describe Tymp Legio as something that is fantastic for live performances, sound design, or anytime something fun with different percussive noises is needed. It features three modes, namely Boot, Cat, and Boing, which are an onomatopoetic guide to their sounds. Each of the modes is offset by three octaves, but users can dial them up or down if further versatility is needed. Tymp Legio also has a Tang switch for selecting the palate within each mode and Quack inputs to duck the audio to percussion or pass through in Boing mode. Noise Engineering sums Tymp Legio up as "big percussion in a small footprint," and users can expect to pay $279.00 for the module (

Polydactyl Versio (which means "Versatile toes" in Latin), on the other hand, is Noise Engineering's take on a multiband dynamics processor. Noise Engineering states it is equally powerful with single-instrument timbral processing as end-of-chain glossy cohesion. It takes inspiration from Librae Legio's unique and transparent algorithm but applies it across three bands for maximal dynamic impact. For more control over color and dynamics, it also features a multiband saturation knob and noise gate, and limiter. As part of the Versio DSP platform, users can transform Polydactyl Versio into a completely different effect by using the free alternate firmware that is available. It is even possible to write your own firmware thanks to open source support and documentation at LibDaisy. Users can expect to pay $355.00 for Polydactyl Versio (

Check out the video below for more information about these modules and to hear them in action.