Percussa Synthor SYSTEM 8 Available For Pre-Order

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Los Angeles based Percussa has announced that their Percussa Synthor SYSTEM 8, which was first announced at NAMM 2017, can now be pre-ordered. However, the number of systems available is limited, so those interested in this wireless digital modular synthesizer better act fast if they want to get their hands on one.

For those who missed the announcement, the Synthor SYSTEM 8 uses the ENGINE synthesis platform, which has quad core DSP processing. In addition, it has a host of features, including MIDI ports, an SD card slot and USB host and device ports. Particularly impressive is its high end multi-channel AKM DACs and ADCs. Also included is the REMOTE control surface and base station, complete with durable switches and high resolution encoders. Last, but not the least, are the third generation of wireless AUDIOCUBES. These not only feature high resolution sensors with low latency, but wireless communications with both ENGINE and REMOTE. The Synthor SYSTEM 8 is a complete package made up of a self-contained modular synthesis system, which means you don’t need a computer in order to make use of it. Percussa also went all out with the design, making use of quality components along with high end industrial plastics and aluminum.

Anyone who needs any more convincing about buying this piece of kit should check out the new website that Percussa has built to showcase all its features. There you will find high resolution photos of the hardware along with an easy to use shop. The purpose of the latter is to enable users to build their own custom Synthor Modular system. For a default system, which consists of both the ENGINE and REMOTE along with eight AUDIOCUBES and one set of rack ears, the asking price is $4240 (excluding taxes shipping.) For addition information, including videos photos and demo sounds, keep an eye on the Percussa website.