Pre-Orders Live For The Liven Bass & Beats

Pre-Orders Live For The Liven Bass & Beats

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Wed, 11/10/2021 - 06:28


Naomi Bolton

Sonicware is bringing a new groovebox to life with their Liven Bass & Beats wavetable bass synthesizer and rhythm machine. General sales for the Liven Bass & Beats are scheduled to begin in May of 2022, but those who pre-order can expect theirs to ship in February of 2022.


According to Sonicware, their bass wavetable synth engine includes two independent wavetable oscillators with the 32 wavetables, one sub-oscillator, and one noise generator, creating ten different noise types. In addition, the built-in LFO, envelope generator, unison control, multi-mode filter, and distortion effects can also be used to add more flavor to your basslines.


The Liven Bass & Beats also comes loaded with 150 high-quality rhythm sounds that are specialized for electronic dance music. Included with the library of drum sounds, users will also find risers and tension releases SFX. Over 64 bass patches that cover all genres along with ready-to-go preset drum kits make it easy to focus on genres like dubstep, chill trance, disco, IDM, techno, trap, and much more. It is also possible to mix and match sounds from the drum library if you prefer creating your own custom kits. Sixteen individual drum sounds make up each rhythm track, and a single button press is all it takes to mute or unmute individual sounds quickly.


Another highlight of the Liven Bass & Beats is the built-in sidechain compression function. It ducks the volume of the bass and the line-in audio, and since the effect amount is variable, it is easy to dial in to taste or leave off when not needed. Sonicware has included two performance knobs that can be mapped to many parameters at once. Using these makes it easy to transform your sound with a single twist, and all the preset patches are pre-programmed to include these "assign" knobs so that users can begin exploring right away. It is even possible to parameter lock the Assign knobs if you want to create automated changes to multiple parameters over time. Thanks to dedicated mixer controls, it is easy to balance the levels of everything from the drums and bass to the line input. Advanced bass shaping tools are available in the form of the Dimension knob to increase the stereo width of the bass synth and the M.Gun effect to add glitchy grit via its rapid tremolo. The presets give users plenty to work with, but since the Liven Bass & Beats also comes with an Edit Mode Overlay for the bass engine, it's easy to modify these presets or build your own bass sounds from scratch. When the edit mode is active, users can access every parameter of the bass engine and go wild with sound design.


For more information and the full technical specifications, visit the official website. The Liven Bass & Beats is expected to sell for $199.99, and pre-order customers will receive the limited edition black key version. To hear the Bass & Beats in action, check out the video below.