ST Modular Releasing EUPHORIA For Passionate Builders

ST Modular Releasing EUPHORIA For Passionate Builders

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Fri, 07/22/2022 - 08:48


Naomi Bolton

ST Modular is known for performance-oriented Eurorack modules but recently revealed something slightly different. While staying true to his DIY roots, Stefan Tretau from ST Modular is releasing his first complete synthesizer, known as Euphoria.

Euphoria is a semi-modular analog desktop synthesizer featuring a dual complex oscillator. According to the official website, it is designed to be an instrument that can be built, explored, and learned.

Featurewise, Euphoria will boast two analog oscillators, the primary being a CEM3440-based VCO. It boasts five waveforms, plus noise, pulse-width modulation, linear and exponential FM, waveshape CV, and two selectable suboctaves. The secondary oscillator is a waveshaping tone generator with five waveforms plus EQ, two CV wavefolders, pulse-width modulation, linear and exponential FM, two selectable suboctaves, and oscillator sync. Euphoria also has two synced sequencers with trigger and CV control, a clock divider, tempo CV and swing, individual sequence lengths, and a reset and transpose function. Finally, in terms of performance features, it has two LPG and two VCA, LFO, ADSR, function generator, OSC CV mixer and external input, feedback, headphone output, and much more.

The ST Modular website indicates that Euphoria has 16 PCBs in total and 1680 parts that need to be soldered or mounted. This means it's definitely not a DIY project that newcomers should take on. ST Modular also estimates that the total cost per DIY build will be in the region of 600€.

For more information about Euphoria, visit the official website, which features an extensive gallery as well as the complete manual ( The video embedded below also showcases a few demos of what users can expect from Euphoria.