Steinberg Releases New Fractals Expansion For Padshop

Steinberg Releases New Fractals Expansion For Padshop

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Sun, 03/07/2021 - 08:37


Naomi Bolton

Steinberg has recently released a brand new expansion pack, called Fractals, for their Padshop 2 granular and spectral synthesizer. It is a tape loop set that was created using modified tapes and complemented by percussive as well as analog synthesizer sounds.

Fractals comes with 150 presets for Padshop 2, with sounds that range from beautiful textures to abstract noises and everything in-between. According to Florian Haack, Senior Marketing Manager at Steinberg, Fractals opens up a new world of sound that provides sheer endless sonic possibilities for music productions. The full and organic sound provided by the crackling and rustling of tapes should already make this a coveted release for fans of vintage music. The idea behind Fractals was to create something that sounds sunny and easy instead of dark and threatening, but will still retaining that distinctive Padshop flavor. Steinberg's sound designers, Jan Neddermann, Matthias Klag and Hanns-Henning Behrendt used everything from modified and tape records, mixed analog synths and even loops created from sparklers for the project. They drew inspiration from artists like Hainbach and Amulets, which really shines through in the final project.

Fractals is available from the Steinberg website ( for 19.99 euros. Check out the video below to hear Fractals in action and then visit the official website for more information.