Synth Software and Firmware Update Roundup

Synth Software and Firmware Update Roundup

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Fri, 02/10/2023 - 09:24


Naomi Bolton

From new updates for softsynths to new firmware updates for hardware synths, there's been plenty of reasons for users to dust off their existing music-making tools. Here's a roundup of some of the most notable updates that were released recently. 

Nonlinear Labs C15 Firmware Update

Nonlinear Labs have released their Spring 2023 update for the C15 keyboard. This update is the third major one for the instrument and greatly expands its sound design capabilities while also improving the user interface. 

Some of the highlights include the ability to modulate almost all parameters using the Macro Controls as well as extended ranges for 17 of the parameters. Users can also bypass the Feedback Mix Gate and control the decay times of Envelope C by velocity. In addition, Envelope C has a new Loop function that allows it to behave like a polyphonic LFO. It is synced to the key and can be influenced using velocity and key tracking. 

Nonlinear Labs have made it possible for single sounds to use a second effect group, and both of these groups can be operated in serial as well as parallel mode. Parts and effects groups can now also be panned, and users can route them separately to the left and right audio output. The feedback routing of Split sounds is also extended with this update making it possible for the output signal from one Part to be an input signal for the other Part. 

To improve the user interface, Nonlinear Labs redesigned the Preset Search function to display all search results in a single list. They also extended the search and sorting criteria for a new search window that conveniently combines preset functions. Finally, the two physical ribbons of the C15 can be switched between two pairs of virtual ribbons for fast access to up to four Macro Controls. 

Watch the video below for a first impression of the new firmware update, and visit the official website ( for the installer as well as installation instructions. 

WoodSynth 3.0 by Woodman's Immaculate Maple Syrup Studio 

WoodSynth 3.0 by Woodman's Immaculate Maple Syrup Studio sees the multi-layered synthesizer receiving a brand new sequencer user interface and functionality along with other smaller improvements and fixes. In addition, WoodSynth, available for both iPad and MacOS, now has a new large panel showing all 16 steps in a single row. Check out the video below for a full rundown of what is new in this update.

Links to WoodSynth and other synths can be found on the official website ( 

AudioCipher V3.0

AudioCipher, a plugin for making MIDI melodies out of words, has received a brand-new update with new features and improvements. In addition to a chord generator, AudioCipher now also boasts more scales, along with triplet subdivisions for the rhythm controls. With AudioCipher, users can enter words in the plug-in, and set the notes' root, scale, and duration before dragging it all over to a new pattern with their favorite VST. Check out the video below to hear the new chord generator in action, and visit the official website ( to purchase AudioCipher V3.0 for $29.99.

Polyend Play V1.2.0 Update

The Polyend Play, which is a sample-based groovebox with an "open sandbox" approach for creating and performing grooves, has received a V1.2.0 firmware update. The most significant addition with this update is that Global Master FX is now customizable. These include reverb custom settings with parameters, delay custom settings with parameters as well as equalizer and limiter settings. Users simply have to enter the MasterFX view and select "Custom Parameters" if they want to edit the effects settings. 

Polyend Play is available for $799 from the official website (, and the V1.2.0 firmware update is also available as a free download ( 

Check out the video below for a quick overview of what to expect from this update.