Teenage Engineering Releases Ultra-Portable Pro-Mixer and Audio Interface

Teenage Engineering Releases Ultra-Portable Pro-Mixer and Audio Interface

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Fri, 04/29/2022 - 08:43


Naomi Bolton

Brand new from Teenage Engineering is TX-6, an ultra-portable, battery-powered mixer, and multi-channel audio interface. Teenage Engineering describes it as the smallest of its kind and promises that it is packed with more than what meets the eye. 

TX-6 features a six-channel stereo mixer with a configurable knob layout. It is also battery powered, and its rechargeable battery lasts about eight hours. The display automatically goes to sleep when not in use, and the led strength is adjustable for additional energy efficiency. Another great feature of TX-6 is that it can function as a portable synthesizer and sequencer, with four oscillator waveforms and four synthesized drum sounds. Its eight built-in effects include reverb, chorus, and delay as well as freeze, tape, filter, and distortion.

TX-6 can be used as a wireless controller for other MIDI devices or used as a 12-channel audio interface. It even has a “DJ mode,” which allows users to turn it on its side and turn channel one into a fader to crossfade between channels five and six. 

Visit the Teenage Engineering website (https://teenage.engineering/store/tx-6) for the complete list of technical specifications. The retail price for TX-6 is $1199, but it quickly sold out after release. Those who missed out can sign up to be notified when it is back in stock.