Third and Final Revision of TherapSID Selling Without SID Chips

Third and Final Revision of TherapSID Selling Without SID Chips

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It’s no secret that the global supply shortage of chips has hit the synthesizer industry hard, and it is expected that the semiconductor industry will continue to suffer shortages until 2024. This has resulted in several well-known synthesizer brands closing their doors as they can no longer meet customer demands. However, in a surprising twist, Twisted Electrons have announced Therapsid MKIII, the third and final revision of their popular SID-based synth.

According to Twisted Electrons, the focus on control sets TherapSid apart from other SID-based synths. TherapSid provides users with 35 knobs and 33 buttons to shape their sound instead of confusing LCDs and tiny sub-menu fonts to navigate. The full list of features is as follows: 

  • 3 Oscillators, four waveforms per OSC.
  • CV/Gate control
  • LFOs sync to MIDI clock
  • Multimode analog Filter (LP BP HP LP+HP)
  • Filter can be assigned to each voice individually
  • Compatible with all SIDS (6581,6582/8580,swinSid)
  • 3x CV inputs for LFO override
  • MIDI output for preset dumping, arpeggiator, and CCs on all knobs and buttons
  • Paraphonic 3 voice mode
  • Multi timbral: the three voices can be played on separate MIDI channels
  • LFO assignable to ADSR envelope 3
  • Preset reset (uses preset#1 as template)
  • Preset randomizer
  • Arpeggiator with four auto modes and manual scrubbing
  • Multi-sid (4 stereo fat modes) You can mismatch different SID types
  • VST Editor for integration with your DAW
  • Dimensions: 25cm x 15cm x5cm

Compared to Therapsid MKII, the new model features output jacks that have been upgraded from ⅛” to ¼,” MIDI jacks that have been upgraded from ⅛” to DIN5, and the addition of a power switch. There is a caveat, though, as Twisted Electrons has stated that TherapSID no longer includes SID chips. Instead, owners of Therapsid MKIII will have to install their own SID chip to make use of the synth. However, according to Twisted Electrons, the process of doing so is very simple, and Therapsid MKIII is compatible with all variations of the SID chip, including 6581, 8550 (6582), and Swinsid.

For more information, including downloads of the user manual, MIDI VST Editor, and firmware updates, visit the official website (