Upcoming Hardware Synthesizer Releases

Upcoming Hardware Synthesizer Releases

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There’s no denying the convenience and usefulness of software synths, but for many nothing will ever compare to the tactile feel of hardware ones. Fortunately, the release of hardware synths shows no signs of slowing down and there have been numerous announcements about upcoming releases. Here’s a quick round-up of the most notable ones.

Maximus AS300 Polysynth

By Analogue Solutions

Link: https://www.analoguesolutions.com/pagemm

Price: £19900 (AS300 Main Unit - Launch Price)

£1800 (AS400 Option Keyboard - Launch Price)

Maximus AS300 Polysynth by Analogue Solutions

Analogue Solutions has announced a 16 VCO / 8 Voice semi-modular polysynth, named Maximus AS300. Described as a mega-polysynth with a design ethos truly from the dawn of analog synths, the Maximus AS300 is more powerful than a powerful analog workstation. According to Analogue Solutions, it is also art, architecture, and exquisite studio furniture.

While labeled as a polysynth the Maximus AS300 features independent controls for every voice. This gives users the freedom to create unique styles of poly sounds that would be impossible to create on traditional hardware or software polysynths. Analogue Solutions also stated that they purposely steered away from digital and kept the voice and modulation circuits of the Maximus AS300 100% analog. The only exception is the digital needed in MIDI and the min-sequencers. 

The Maximus AS300 Polysynth is available to order direct now with wait times expected to be between two and six weeks. A launch price is available for the first batch, but Analogue Solutions has stated that the price will increase for the second batch due to increases in all costs. This synth is being built in small batches purely for those who want it just as it was in the 1970s, but with new parts still in production. For more information or to place an order visit the official website. For those who want to see and hear the Maximus AS300 in action, it will be present at Synthfest UK 23, which is taking place from the 7th of October in The Octagon, Sheffield.


By Dreadbox

Link: https://www.dreadbox-fx.com/hypnosis-reissue/

Price: 200.00 €

Dreadbox by Hypnosis

Dreadbox is reissuing its Hypnosis time effects processor as a DIY kit. This analog effects processor features three effects, two wide-range LFOs, a wide input range, and eleven patch points. All parts needed to complete the project are included and no soldering is required to assemble the kit. However, this reissue is limited to only 500 pieces, so those who want to experience the timeless allure of 80s nostalgia need to be quick to order their kit. The full specifications are available from the official website. 

FGDP50 & FGDP-30 Finger Drum Pads

By Yamaha

Link: https://usa.yamaha.com/products/musical_instruments/drums/finger-drum-pads/index.html

Price: $387.60 (FDGP-50) / $258.40 (FGDP-30)

FGDP50 & FGDP-30 Finger Drum Pads

Yamaha is releasing two brand-new finger drum pads, the FGDP-50 and FGDP-30 that allow anyone to drum, anywhere. Both feature touch-sensitive pads with an ergonomic layout as well as a built-in sound bank, a speaker, as well as a rechargeable battery. 

The FGDP-50 features 48 preset kits and 1,500 voices (instruments) compared to the 39 preset kits and 1,212 voices of the FGDP-30. While slightly more expensive than the FGDP-30, the FGDP-50 also has additional features, such as eight RGB pads, a playback sampler, an auto-accompaniment session creator, a note repeat function, and a USB audio player/recorder. In addition, the FGDP-50 has four registration buttons compared to the two found on the FGDP-30. The full specifications for both finger drum pads are available from the official Yamaha website.

Bluebox Eurorack Edition

By 1010Music

Link: https://1010music.com/product/bluebox-eurorack

Price: $699

Bluebox Eurorack Edition by 1010Music

Coming in early October 2023 from 1010 Music is the Bluebox Eurorack edition. It is a new Eurorack mixer with effects and multichannel recording/playback that is based on their award-winning Bluebox desktop mixer. The Eurorack edition features a USB-C EXT port to send two channels of audio to and from a computer and can control up to six mix settings with its six CV inputs. Other features include TRS MIDI input and output, the ability to playback pre-recorded tracks while recording new ones, support for touchscreen gestures and knobs to quickly and easily tweak parameters, and a built-in global compressor to maximize loudness and glue mixes together.

Included in the bluebox Eurorack edition are the 30HP Eurorack module, a microSD card with bluebox firmware and pre-loaded project files, two Eurorack power cables, a bluebox Eurorack edition Quick Start guide, and two MIDI adapters.