Value Packed Music Production Suite Collection Available From Humble Bundle

Value Packed Music Production Suite Collection Available From Humble Bundle

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Humble Bundle, best known for selling bundles containing games has announced a brand new software bundle called “LEVEL UP Remix.” The bundle is available in three tiers and provides users with an instant, complete production suite. 

The $1 tier of the bundle nets users access to seven items, which includes Polymode Synthesizer, which is inspired by the groundbreaking Moog Polymoog synth. Polymode Synthesizer is valued at $49 alone, but Humble Bundle is also adding Hollywood Horror, DnB Synths, Funk Drums, Funk Lounge, Paradise Mid Tempo EDM, and Soul Trip, each of which is valued between $19 and $27. 

The middle tier requires buyers to pay more than the average but bumps up the content to 21 items. Along with the seven items in the previous tier, the beat-the-average-tier also includes the DCO-106 Synthesizer, Pianissimo Grand Piano, and additional sound packs like Chill Hop Essentials, Deep Frets Acoustic Guitars, Global Beats, and Vocoder.

The top tier, which requires buyers to pay at least $20, features the complete package of 47 items. This tier includes Mixcraft 9 Recording Studio, which is valued at $99, Cherry Audio’s Eight voice polyphonic synthesizer, which is valued at $49, and Cherry Audio’s Mercury-4, which is valued at $59. Along with everything in the previous tiers and numerous other sound packs, the top tier also includes a $25 voucher that can be redeemed on the Soundtrack Loops website for store credit. 

The LEVEL UP Remix bundle is aimed at both beginners and professionals to provide them with everything that they need. As is usual for Humble Bundle, proceeds from the sales of the bundle will be used to support a charity, which in this case is Music Will. It is the largest nonprofit music program in the US public school system with teachers serving over 500,000 students in more than 600 cities and towns across the country. When buying the LEVEL UP Remix bundle you can adjust the donation to split the amount between the publishers, Music Will and Humble Bundle. It is also possible to pay more than the required amount if you want to make a bigger donation to the charity. The total value of the bundle is estimated to be $1281.

All of the software in the LEVEL UP Remix bundle is available for Windows and Mac with some being compatible with Linux too. Check out the full list of included items below and visit the official website to purchase a copy of the bundle ( The bundle is available now until the 30th of October, 2023.


  • Mixcraft 9 Recording Studio (Mac/Win)

Synths and instruments:

  • Eight Voice Synthesizer (Oberheim Eight Voice emulation)
  • Mercury-4 (Roland Jupiter-4 emulation)
  • Double Scoop AU/VST ("two voice rompler with FM synth")
  • Pianissimo Grand Piano (Grand piano emulation)
  • DCO-106 Synthesizer (Juno-106 emulation)
  • Polymode Synthesizer (Polymoog emulation)

Sample Packs and Loops:

  • Armored Bass House
  • Cyber Clash
  • Delicious LoFi Boom Bap
  • Desert Shanty
  • Dissected Forms
  • Chill Post Rock
  • Dj Puzzle DnB
  • Dream Bedroom Pop
  • Hard Trance
  • Hip Hop Guitars
  • Inspirational New Age
  • Light & Shadows
  • Lofi Jazz
  • Loop Theory Chillout 2
  • Meditative Chillout
  • Oxy Beats Groove Toolbox V2
  • Pop Soul Vocal Hooks
  • Rap Traxx
  • Shadow Impact
  • Soul & Chill Vaprowave
  • Trap Essentials
  • Fear
  • Arctic Breeze
  • Chill Hop Essentials
  • Deep Frets Acoustic Guitars
  • Electro Funk
  • Funk Guitars
  • Fuse Rap Rock
  • Global Beats
  • Caverns
  • Slap House
  • Trap Tensions
  • Vocoder
  • Hollywood Horror
  • DnB Synths
  • Funk Drums
  • Funk Lounge
  • Paradise Mid Tempo EDM
  • Soul Trip


  • $25 Soundtrack Loops Store Credit Voucher