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Exciting news, all synth enthusiasts! Vintage Synth Explorer is alive and kicking and you will be seeing plenty of new articles, reviews and regular updates again.  If you have noticed that the site looks slightly different today, it is because it has had a revamp.  We kept the look and layout as similar to the previous site as possible, but it was necessary to change the backend to allow us to continue updating the site.

Vintage Synth Explorer started out as a small part-time project of an enthusiast, but with the help of our very active community, the library has grown so much that it became too large to manage. The site had to be migrated to a proper content management system. We are happy to say that the migration is now complete and we have started adding content again.  You will soon see a lot of improvements to the review section. The forum remains unchanged.

Thank you to each and every person who contributed in the past and to those who stuck around. We hope we can rely on your help to build an even better resource going forward.  Our vision for Vintage Synth Explorer is to keep expanding the library and to add interesting news, interviews and other articles on a weekly basis. For the past two months we have been doing a lot of research and ran a couple of surveys to get more of a feel for what you would be interested in.  We will do our best to source the information you want.  Our ultimate dream would be to pay experts from the industry to write tips, guides and other articles for us, but right now the site doesn’t generate enough revenue to make it financially viable. We also don’t want to spam you with advertisements, so we appeal to you, the community for support.

Please help us keep Vintage Synth Explorer alive and contribute where you can.  If you have received an interesting bit of industry news, want to write a guide or share your setup tips, do get in touch! If you have new synths to add to our library or suggestions to improve certain reviews – we would love to hear from you.  Reviews can be submitted as usual via this link:

You could also send an email to [email protected] or you can contact me directly at [email protected].

Naomi Bolton

Community Manager / Editor

Vintage Synth Explorer