Working Synth Created Out of Wood And Scrap Materials

Working Synth Created Out of Wood And Scrap Materials

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Thu, 03/18/2021 - 08:41


Naomi Bolton

According to the About section of his YouTube channel, Edward Black Rose is interested in painting, homemade things, mosaics, visual arts, sound experiments, making musical instruments, strange inventions, and much more. One of his latest experiments caught our eye as it is a homemade bass synthesizer that Edward created using basically scrap materials.


The video shows how Edward uses some old furniture to create the body of the synthesizer and his unorthodox methods for making the keys. He attaches a metal bolt to the back of each key to hold a thin metal string. These strings vibrate when a key is pressed, and the frequency is then picked up by a laser pointer and photocell that Edward added on opposite ends of the synth. It might sound too simple to actually work, but it does and the results are pretty impressive. To finish off the project Edward adds a socket for the audio cable and powers the laser pointer with a phone charger.

Check out the video of Edward creating his homemade bass synthesizer below and let us know in the comments what you think of his methods. It is certainly one of the most low-tech and unorthodox methods that we've seen to create a synth.