Looking to save time, money and expand the studio tools at your disposal? Audified delivers on all three with their value packed studio bundle, which contains all of their most highly acclaimed and sought after studio tools.
Sponsored Post: Peak is a desktop polysynth from Novation, a company with a proven track record in releasing quality controllers and instruments. Novation also has a solid reputation when it comes to synthesizers, but with Peak they have outdone themselves.
Creating digital audio with a software synthesizer isn’t just something that is reserved for musicians that make use of the Microsoft Windows operating system. Over the years some viable alternatives have also been released for those who prefer the Linux operating system.
Montage owners are in for a treat thanks to Yamaha as the company recently announced the release of the Chick Corea Mark V Sample & Performance Library for this synthesizer.
In terms of audio, there is almost nothing that can’t be done with a synthesizer. The ability to manipulate electricity by a machine and turn it into sound has been a revolution for the music industry.
Moogfest 2017 took place this past weekend and featured another host of great performances and events. One of the highlights was of course the building of the Subsequent 37 CV synthesizer at the Moog Pop-Up factory.
Sponsored Post - Anyone recording or sound designing using vintage synths will be familiar with how difficult it can be to perform DAW synchronized parameter modulation. This is why Dialog Audio has come up with a solution in the form of the Modulation Processor 3244.
Exciting news, all synth enthusiasts! Vintage Synth Explorer is alive and kicking and you will be seeing plenty of new articles, reviews and regular updates again.  If you have noticed that the site looks slightly different today, it is because it has had a revamp.
Owners of the Yamaha reface Mobile Mini Keyboards will be aware that the company launched an official social sound-sharing website called Soundmondo early last year.
Los Angeles based Percussa has announced that their Percussa Synthor SYSTEM 8, which was first announced at NAMM 2017, can now be pre-ordered.