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Repeater is a new loop-based digital recorder/sampler from Electrix. It is also their 6th product in a series of outstanding and beautiful rack-mount processors. Repeater uses cutting edge DSP technology with MIDI sequencer style control over your audio loops by offering independent, real-time manipulation over tempo, key and track offset.

Repeater is not your ordinary sampler. It truly is a digital delay unit. You can trigger it in various ways to record any audio source for any amount of time you choose (up to 50 minutes of record time via CompactFlash media). The recording repeats as a loop synced to a tempo. You can overdub additional sounds to arrange and mix layers of loops and you can tweak each loop-recording in real time. Loops can also sync to MIDI clock or to Audio Beat Detection. This makes the Repeater perfect not just for musicians, but DJs too! Changing the Tempo will adjust the samples and loops without degrading the sound quality!

In the Project Studio, musicians may find the Repeater useful as a scratchpad. Play some chords into it, overdub a bassline, then jam along! It may also be useful for creating delay effects to a mix with unprecedented control. The DJ may find the Repeater great for sampling a loop off a record using the Audio Beats Detect mode to match the tempo, and then replaying that loop over another section of that song or over an entirely new record to create entirely new ways of mixing! It is used by Richie Hawtin and Imogen Heap.

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Demos & Media

Audio Clip 1 Demo of the Repeater in use, from the Future Music CD, issue 117.


Polyphony - 4 tracks per loop
Sampler - Stereo 24-bit 44.1kHz sampling with an 8-minute (40 MB) loop limit
Filter - None
LFO - None
Effects - Pitch-Shift (+1 to -2 octaves), time-stretching (1.5x faster to 4x slower), Reverse, Slip, Overdub, Resample; Stereo FX insert (no built-in multi-effects)
Keyboard - None
Memory - 999 loops, 4 tracks, external CompactFlash Memory cards
Control - MIDI, Audio Beats Detection
Date Produced - Fall 2001


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