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The Future Retro 777 is a monophonic analog synthesizer with a digital sequencer. The 777 is a sleek retro design that has realized the full potential of the monophonic pattern based synth. It's not just another TB-303 emulator. It uses analog circuitry and has a lot of hands-on knobs for instant sound tweaking. And while the 777 has extensive editing and modulation abilities, the layout is as basic and intuitive as an old SH-101 or MC-202!

The 777 functions quite well as either a standalone bass sequencer or as a sound module in a MIDI environment. Two oscillators (A / B) produce a fat bass sound. Modulation abilities are quite complex, the oscillators themselves can modulate each other for example. The filter is very nice with switchable 3 or 7 pole slopes as well as other sound shaping controls for a wide range of tones. An external sound can be routed through the filter too. The sequencer, OSC B and the decay envelope can also modulate the filter cutoff. The 777 also employs a smart accent effect for that extra bit o' kick in your bassline.

As a sequencer the 777 shines once again. Bear in mind that this sequencer accommodates a monophonic (single tone) instrument which normally has very basic sequencing needs. Notes are entered using the pseudo-keyboard buttons. Programming is different than other synth / grooveboxes of similar function but is relatively easy to master. Up to 256 patterns can be linked to form up to 16 songs all of which remain in memory. And of course all real-time editing can be recorded into your sequence and are also MIDI controllable. Final goodies include an internal MIDI to CV-gate converter, glide or portamento effects, distortion, chorus and phase effects and more! It has been used by BT, KMFDM and Sense Datum.

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Demos & Media

Future Retro FR-777 Exercise Tape
Audio Clip 1 Demos of various patches. From Future Music CD issue 80.


Polyphony - Monophonic
Oscillators - 2 VCOs (saw or square), white noise gen, sub-osc, FM
Filter - Low pass resonant with switchable 3 or 7 pole slope
LFO - Sort-Of
Keyboard - Pattern/Bank buttons
Patterns - 256 (12 or 16 steps each)
Songs - 16 songs (3,580 measures per song)
Control - MIDI + CV/Gate
Date Produced - 1998