Audiomodern Releases Loopmix The Creative Loop Remixer

Audiomodern Releases Loopmix The Creative Loop Remixer

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Fri, 11/11/2022 - 08:11


Naomi Bolton

Thanks to Audiomodern, musicians can now transform their loops into a kaleidoscope of new sounds using Loopmix. Audiomodern describes the software as an "effortless loop mangling heaven," and it enables users to create a never-ending stream of remixes. Loopmix is specially built for studio and improvised live performances with an array of devices and processors to slice, dice, rearrange, pitch reverse, and remix loops. 

Loopmix allows users to load up to six loops and then generate infinite loop variations from them. This can be done randomly or by using signature randomization algorithms such as remix, infinity, temporary randomization, and much more. Loopmix also comes with more than 1.6 GB of factory presets to get users started. According to Audiomodern, new expansions are provided regularly and are easy to add using their fast one-click import function. The software also allows users to import and export their own personalized packs. These can have custom names, artwork, descriptions, and tagging. Users can then export and share these packs with other devices or with other users. The software captures both samples and patterns to make sure your packs are exported in the exact way they were designed. 

Loopmix features include the ability to generate loop remixes, load your own sounds and make use of unique randomization parameters. It has six intelligent sequencer engines, temporary random functionality, and a signature infinity mode. In addition, it can mangle up to six audio loops and supports the ability to send MIDI to any device, plug-in, or hardware. Check out the video below for a complete overview of Loopmix and learn how it works. Free trials are available for both the Windows and macOS versions of Loopmix. It can be downloaded from the official website, where the software is also available to purchase on Windows and Mac for €49 or on iPad for $9.99 (