BV-X Multimode Vocoder For Reason Now Available

BV-X Multimode Vocoder For Reason Now Available

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Fri, 04/29/2022 - 08:38


Naomi Bolton

Reason Studios recently announced the availability of a new multimode vocoder called BV-X Multimode. According to them, BV-X Multimode Vocoder is a modern take on the classic vocoder effect. It allows users to take their vocals in a new direction even if they can’t sing and is simple to set up, but totally tweakable. This allows everyone to focus on experimenting and finding a sound that is perfect for them.

BV-X Multimode Vocoder comes with more than 150 patches, which range from classic vocoder sounds to out-of-this-world vocal processing. Reason Studios have stated that it covers everything from subtle harmonies and vocal sweeteners to sci-fi sounds and robot voices. To get started, users can simply add BV-X as an effect on their track. If the built-in wavetable synth is not enough, it also offers 20 wavetables and a harmonic mixer for those in need of more tonal variation. It is even possible to use another instrument as the Carrier by setting BV-X to External mode and routing a signal on the back of the device to replace the built-in synth. 


  • Vintage and Modern mode for both crunchy classic vocoding and unsurpassed precision and clarity
  • Built-in synthesizer for simple set-up and a great sound
  • Powerful modulation matrix for dynamic vocoding and creative sound design
  • Tailor-made effects for production, vocal twisting, and special effects
  • CV and audio inputs and outputs connect to other devices in the Reason Rack
  • 150+ patches included

BV-X Multimode Vocodor is available now for $99.00 or users can rent-to-own it at $9.99 /mo over ten months. A trial version can also be downloaded free of charge. BV-X Multimode Vocoder is included in Reason+ and is compatible with Reason 10.1 and later. Check out the introduction video below and visit the official website ( for more information or to listen to more audio examples.