NAMM 2023 Roundup

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Thu, 04/27/2023 - 08:49


Naomi Bolton

The NAMM Show was held at the Anaheim Convention Center earlier this month and saw a slew of new announcements for synth enthusiasts. Here’s a roundup of the most notable upcoming releases.

Donner D1

At the NAMM show, Donner announced their 12-channel sample-based drum machine, the D1. According to Donner, the D1 is aimed mainly at the entry-level market thanks to a simplified yet inspiring user interface. This will help musicians who might not be familiar with electronic music production to develop their own drum patterns more easily. The D1 features real-time recording and step sequencing workflow that can be switched via combo key functions. In addition to a color-coded user interface design, the D1 has touch knobs to read parameters and a vivid graphical user interface. For more information on pricing and availability, keep an eye on the official Donner website (

Black BT SusEx Pedal

Black BT SusEX Pedal

Black BT revealed their SusEx Pedal at the NAMM show. This portably sized pedal fits into a laptop bag and provides auto-switching between SUSTAIN and EXPRESSION modes based on foot position. This allows it to replace the need for multiple pedals onstage during live performances. According to Black BT, it is the world’s first combination pedal and also the world’s first dual axes pedal controlling dual MIDI parameters at once. In addition, it’s the world’s first pedal capable of auto-switching modes by sensing users’ foot position on the pedal’s top surface. The SusEx is fully wireless via BLE and also offers backward compatibility via breakout cable. It is available for pre-order at $149.99 and is expected to ship June 01 to 30, 2023. For more information or to pre-order, visit the official Black BT website (

Intellijel Cascadia

Intellijel Cascadia

Intellijel introduced their brand new semi-modular system, the Cascadia, at the NAMM show. It is a mix of classic East and West Coast synthesizer blocks packed into a small case with the footprint of a laptop. In addition to MIDI in/out/thru and USB, it has Eurorack compatible signal levels as well as a pro-level audio I/O for interfacing with the rest of your studio. The normalized connects let users get straight to the sound inside, but they can also patch any of the modules together in any way they choose or even re-route the entire synth to their liking. Everything needed to get started is included, such as 14 assorted patch cables, a USBA-A to USB-C cable, and an international power supply, but Intellijel will also offer additional options for customization. These include swapping the wooden cheeks for metal side cheeks or a rackmount kit with a storage tray. Cascadia can be pre-ordered for $2,149.00, and Intellijel estimates that shipping will begin around May 20, 2023. To view the full specifications, visit the official website (

Eventide Audio H90 Harmonizer

Eventide Audio H90 Harmonizer

After being announced late in 2022, the H90 Effects Pedal by Eventide Audio made its debut at the 2023 NAMM Show. It is their next-generation multi-effects pedal featuring 62 effect algorithms and hundreds of program combinations that were curated for a variety of instruments and genres. The modern ARM-based architecture of the H90 is derived from Eventide’s flagship H9000 Harmonizer, offering the same iconic reverbs, delays, modulation, and pitch-shifting effects. However, it also features ten new powerful algorithms. In addition, thanks to the upgraded DSP power of the H90, the performances of all previous H9 Max algorithms are enhanced. Eventide Audio also developed new features and enhancements for the H90, such as quantization and improved pitch tracking. For the complete list of specifications, visit the official Eventide Audio website ( It will be released later this year for $899.

Eventide Audio Misha

Eventide Audio Misha

Also unveiled at the NAMM Show by Eventide Audio is Misha, an innovative Eurorack instrument/sequencer that utilizes a unique, interval-based approach to playing and creating melodies. According to Eventide, it is designed to be played like a keyboard instrument but makes music in a way unlike any other instrument before it. Misha can be played live or used to record sequences to modify in a multitude of ways. Along with 100 factory scales, it has additional slots for up to 100 user/custom scales. In addition, its tone row based sequencer is inspired by classic compositional techniques used in serial music. Misha is available now for $599. For more information and specifications, visit the official website (