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Lowpass Filter

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Ring Modulator

Now available (or coming soon) from Bombfactory come the Plug-In software Moogerfoogers for TDM, AudioSuite and Real-Time AudioSuite systems. The Lowpass Filter features a 2-pole/4-pole variable resonance filter with envelope follower. Use it to achieve classic 60's and 70's sounds on bass and electric guitar, or dial in warm, fat analog resonance on any instrument. The Ring Modulator provides a wide-range carrier oscillator and dual sine/square waveform LFO. Add motion to rhythm tracks and achieve radical lo-fidelity textures--you set the limits!

The screen-shots above are of the actual plug-ins! Just grab the knobs with your mouse or flip the switches with a click of the mouse. real-time tweaks can be recorded or automated using the TDM and real-time AudioSuite versions. These Plug-Ins are sold as a bundle for $399. They're basically for Pro-Tools 4.x or higher, but if you have audio editing software that can use TDM or Audio Suite Plug-Ins, then these Moogerfoogers are just a taste of the software plug-in emulators of analog outboard gear available from the Bombfactory!

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Polyphony - Mono input/output
Oscillators - RingMod: Carrier osc: 2Hz - 4kHz
LFO - RingMod: 0.1 Hz to 25 Hz, sine and square waveforms
Filter - LowPass: 24dB/Oct; 2-pole and 4-pole; Cutoff, resonance
VCA - LowPass: Envelope follower; Fast, Smooth; Env Amount, Dry/Wet Mix
Keyboard - None
Memory - Limitless, save to disk
Controls - LowPass: Filter cutoff, resonance; envelope amount, mix; plus up to 4 expression pedal inputs and external CV
RingMod: LFO Rate, Amount; Modulator frequency, mix; plus up to 4 expression pedal inputs and external CV
Date Produced - 1999


Images from Bombfactory.