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Kenton Electronics Pro-4
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For the serious studio, the rack-mounting PRO-4 can drive up to 10 instruments at once. The PRO-4 has 4 CV & Gate outputs, 8 fully programmable auxiliary CV outputs, 4 LFOs, 8 user memories and includes a polyphonic mode. DCB, KADI, Wasp and MIDI out ports are also fitted as standard, as are DIN Sync 24 and Arpeggio clock outputs. The ultimate analog synth user's dream machine. It has been used by Astral Projection.


  • Designed to control any type of mono-synth
  • Switchable for V/oct & HZ/V scaling systems (older ones lacked HZ/V)
  • V-trig (up to 15v) or S-trig (with or without pull-up)
  • Transpose - up & down 12 semitones
  • Auxillary CV controllable by any MIDI controller
  • Programmable LFO - 9 wave shapes inc. random
  • LFO can be synchronized to MIDI clock
  • LFO can modulate pitch &/or aux cv
  • LFO speed is adjustable in real time over MIDI
  • Selectable note priority -newest/lowest/highest
  • Old notes are remembered for trill effects
  • Portamento rate adjustable in real time over MIDI
  • Multiple and single trigger modes
  • Adjustable pitch-bend range
  • Any MIDI channel can be selected
  • Set-ups stored in non-volatile memory
  • MIDI monitor mode - for easy MIDI troubleshooting
  • Sync 24 & Clock pulse mode
  • 5 Digital Outputs
  • Parameters can be edited using System Exclusive
  • MIDI Thru socket
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