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DYNAMO is a lite version of REAKTOR, the powerful virtual synthesizer, sampler and effects processor from Native Instruments. Dynamo comes with 25 presets from the Premium Library of Reaktor sounds. These presets feature awesome drum machines, effects, samplers + transformers, FM-synths + hybrids, sequenced-synths, and subtractive-synths; all created by top sound designers. Dynamo can act as a stand-alone software synth using ASIO, SoundManager, and DirectSound or as a plug-in using VST-2.0, MAS, MME, and DirectConnect for Pro Tools. And it's available for both Mac and PC.

When you load a library preset you get its control panel on screen. You can edit every parameter available to suit your needs. Editing can be done on the fly, recorded into your sequences, and Dynamo works with 4CONTROL for enhanced hands-on real-time control! Although Dynamo gives you access to some amazing sounds from the Reaktor synth, you do not have the ability to create your own new modules or synthesizers. A major feature absent from Dynamo is the ability to select, route and design various synthesizers from some 200 modules available in Reaktor. You can save your tweaked versions of the library presets however.

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Because of Reaktor's steep learning-curve, Dynamo offers not only an affordable but easier to use solution to Reaktor. Dynamo still sounds just as good as Reaktor but comes at less than half the price! Native Instruments also plans to extend the library of sounds periodically adding new presets available as free downloads!

Anyone interested in software synthesizers should look at Dynamo. Its 32-bit real-time synthesis offers state of the art emulation of general purpose analog to digital sounds. It doesn't limit itself to the specific recreation of any one particular vintage instrument and it is much easier to operate than Reaktor. Download the audio and program demos and see if it's right for you!

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Demos & Media

Audio Clip 1 A series of demos from Future Music CD, issue 98.


Polyphony - CPU Dependent. Macintosh ranges 5 voices on PPC 603/120 to 33 voices on G4/450. PC ranges 7 voices on 166MMX to 55 on PIII/700. Maximum number of instruments: 16. Maximum number of voices per instrument: 64.
Synthesis - 32-Bit Realtime Synthesis: Analog modeling, Waveshaping, FM-, Waveset-, Granular-Synthesis, Sampling
Sampler - Variable 22kHz to 132kHz! Audio-Recording and WAV (PC) / AIFF (MAC) / SDII (Mac) file Import/Export.
Sequencer - Yes, included within the Drum Machine and Sequenced Synth Presets.
Memory - Unlimited, save to computer
Windows/PC - Windows 95/98/2000 or NT4.0, Pentium 233 MHz, 32 MB RAM, 16-bit sound card, MIDI-Keyboard (recommended).
Macintosh - Mac OS 8.6 or higher, PPC 604e, 250 MHz, 32 MB RAM, 16-bit sound card, MIDI-Keyboard (recommended).
Interfaces - ASIO, Sound Manager, MME, DirectSound, VST 2.0, MAS, DirectConnect, and FreeMidi
Date Produced - 2000


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