Waldorf MOD1 Eurorack Modulation Module

Waldorf MOD1 Eurorack Modulation Module
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The mod1 is a 2016 Modulator Eurorack module by Waldorf. No tools other than a Philips head screwdriver are required to mount this module into your modular rack and when purchased new it should come with all the screws, washers, and ribbon cables required for installation. This fully analog modulator module was designed to be the modulation center of your setup and allows you to shape and manipulate the soundscapes that you create.

The mod1 module actually has three different modulation engines, all of which are based on analog circuits. The first is a symmetry generator that can function as an LFO or short envelope. It also has a multi-stage envelope with three configurable decay stages. This includes a loop mode that makes complex modulation shapes possible. Last up is the short envelope with optional loop mode and curve control.

Taking a closer look at the three modulation sources reveals that with "AD3SR" you get an ADSR envelope with up to three decay stages and time as well as target level control for each decay stage. It is configurable for 1,2, or 3 decay stages, and loop mode can be used for looping from attack over all the enabled decay stages. It also has gate and trigger inputs as well as positive and inverted output.

The symmetry generator is a two-segment modulator with controllable symmetry and CV-inputs for speed and symmetry. It has an LFO mode with bipolar output, gate, and trigger envelope modes with unipolar output, as well as linear or rectangular wave forms.

Finally, there is the two-stage envelope "rise & fall". It has flexible curve control for the rise stage that can range from smooth classical RC shapes to cutting linear segments. It also has an optional loop mode, gate input, and signal output. The mod1 has a simple and stylish design with the ADSR section taking center stage on the front panel. The lower section of the front panel is dedicated to the input and outputs while knobs for functions such as the symmetry of the waveform, the speed of the waveform, and the rise time can be found to the left and right of the ADSR section. There is also a Trig, Gate, LFO switch that is used to activate the different modulation modes and a switch for activating or deactivating the loop function of the multi-stage and short envelope. All in all, everything is very straightforward and easy to access.

Overall, the mod1 is a lot more than just a simple modulator and has a lot to offer.

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