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The all new PolyMorph sequencer / synthesizer is a full featured and powerful virtually analog synthesizer that assumes an evolved form and purpose of its breakthrough hit predecessor - the RaveOLution 309! First the sounds: the PolyMorph is basically four synths loaded with synth and drum sounds geared towards electronica and other forms of synthesizer music. Individual ADSR's and filters per oscillator make for a totally tweakable and flexible synthesizer. The sequencer: 16 step, 8 variations, 4 parts or instruments. Parts and even notes can be muted or changed in real time to build and decompose your grooves or synth textures. There are also preset phrase patterns to play around with.

Aside from sounding quite nice, the PolyMorph is beefed up by a great set of effects. Add distortion, EQing, reverb, chorus, flange, etc. to each of the four parts independently! The controls, knobs and sequencer can all be controlled via MIDI for in-studio use, however the impressive multi-effects implementation alone is a major hint that the PolyMorph is a machine suited for live, DJ and on the fly music production. The PolyMorph is for those of you looking to create synth music from a stand-alone box that is not entirely focused on dance. It is used by Orbital, Jean-Michel Jarre and the Prodigy.

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Demos & Media

9thLayer-At 1 PM (Quasimidi Polymorph demo)
Audio Clip 1 Real-time sound manipulation using the Morphing Sequencer, produced using only one Polymorph, originally from Quasimidi.


Polyphony - 8 voices to 16 voices
Oscillators - 3 per voice with 128 waves (sine, saw, square, pwm, tri, etc.), 30 sampled waves, noise, external audio-in
LFO - 3, sine, tri, saw, square, sample/hold
Filter - 2 resonant 12dB high pass and 12/24dB lowpass
Effects - 2 per part: Distortion, 2-band EQ, delay, chorus, flange
Keyboard - none
Memory - 128 patches, 64 performances
Control - MIDI (4 parts)
Date Produced - 1999


Images from Quasimidi's old web-site.