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The MKS-7 Super Quartet is a multitimbral synth module with dedicated sections. The Melody section: 2 voice polyphony, 100 presets; Chord section: 4 voice polyphony, 100 presets; Bass section: monophonic, 20 presets; Rhythm section: 11 PCM sounds. The sound and architecture of the Melody, Chord and Bass sections are the same as the Juno 106 synthesizer. The Rhythm section offers up a few basic electronic rock drum sounds borrowed from the TR-707.

The beauty of using this sound module is that all 4 sections are available at once. Drums, bass, leads and pads can all play independent parts and patches together making this a very nice all-in one vintage Roland tone module. Just like the Juno 106, the MKS-7 is also controllable via MIDI and System Exclusive messages for editing. Most Juno 106 editors will work for the MKS-7 too. An underrated machine.

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Demos & Media

Roland MKS-7 Super Quartet Demo
ManualRoland has made manuals for most of their products available as free PDF downloads.


Polyphony - 8 voices
Oscillators - 3 DCOs
Multitimbral - 4 parts
Filter - non-resonant high pass and resonant low pass
VCA - ADSR, level and gate
Memory - 120 patches
Keyboard - None
Control - MIDI
Date Produced - 1986


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