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Waldorf STVC
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The Waldorf STVC is a 2018 string synthesizer with vocoder. It features a string section that has an oscillator bank using octave dividers, which is then followed by a complex mixer. There's also an equalizer and ensemble effect that brings the STVC in line with the string machines from the '70s. Users can adjust the mixer and EQ settings for the Violin, Viola, Brass, Cello, Choir, and Organ using a single registration knob.

To complement the string sounds of the STVC it also has a 16-voice synthesizer in the Solo section. Here users can use the single Tone knob for adjusting various settings. Although the Solo section was designed to function in harmony with the strings, it has enough features to be pretty competent on its own too.

When using the Vocoder it replaces the equalizer in the string section with a filter bank that models the vocal tract using the speech input. Since it uses the fully polyphonic oscillator bank it is possible to create anything from intelligible speech to singing. The characteristics of your voice can even be altered thanks to the ability to modify formants. Things like making your voice sound hoarse, creaky, or a complete whisper are also easy using the adjustable jitter of the string oscillators. In addition, the Solo section can pass through the Vocoder or can be played in parallel with it.

Another interesting feature of the STVC is the "Freeze" button which can be used to freeze a short speech fragment. This is capture by the Vocoder and can be repeated by pressing a key. Further manipulation like changing the playback speed or direction as well as formant changing is also possible using this feature. The modification or modulation of details can be done via the novel "Tweak" function of the STVC. This can be used for things like the solo cutoff frequency or the Chorus LFO rate. While it functions similarly to a modulation matrix, it also allows users to alter implicit settings using a fixed value or an offset.

When it comes to effects the STVC has a Phaser which is something any decent strong machine should include. It also has a high-quality Reverb with adjustable size that can be mixed to the output. Finally, there is the ANimate effect, which is a modulation of the string or vocoder registration. These three effects can also operate simultaneously.

In terms of actual hardware, the STVC comes in a full metal case and has a 49 key keyboard with aftertouch and velocity. It also has a 128x64 pixel OLED and 44 cm gooseneck microphone. The whole thing weighs about 7.5kg and has a high-quality look and feel.

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Waldorf STVC Sounddemo
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STVC Manual


Polyphony - 8 Voices
Multitimbral - 1 Part
Control - MIDI In/Out
Effects - Animate, Phaser, Reverb
Keyboard - 49 non-weighted keys with aftertouch and velocity
Memory - 126 programmable patches in three banks