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The ESI-32 is an excellent polyphonic sampler for any musician at any level. It offers all of the same sampler-type features and goodies that you would find in other Akai and Roland samplers. Its base model is perfect for anybody looking to get into sample-based music and is designed to grow and expand with you into a complete and professional sampler.

The standard ESI-32 comes with 2 MB of RAM (about 11 seconds at 44.1kHz stereo), 32 voices polyphony, 16 MIDI multitimbral parts, built-in 3.5" disk drive, extensive editing features and an easy to use interface. Sampling can be in any combination of Left, Right or Stereo in, at 44,100 or 22,050 Hz. Auto looping, truncating, triggered sampling and auto key placement functions make sampling fun and easy. Editing features include truncating, loop editing, gain, reverse, taper, DC filter, stereo/mono, tuning, compressing, Para-EQ, time comp/exp, pitch shift, Doppler, exciter and transform multiply (harmonic sample morphing) as well as a host of envelope, filter, velocity and MIDI effects.

When that's not enough anymore you can easily upgrade the ESI-32 with user-installable parts from E-mu. Increase the RAM up to 32 MB for very extended (up to 6 minutes) sample times. Replace the disk drive with an internal ZIP or hard disk. Install the external SCSI card for external drives or computer interfacing with ReCycle and some Sequencers. The Turbo Expansion kit offers the greatest bang for the buck. You get two on-board effect processors with reverb, delay, chorus and distortion. Up to 8 outputs are made available. The VCF (filter) section has several awesome filter algorithms for filter sweeping or tweaking loops and sounds. The professional purists can add the Digital I/O card for digital sample input and main output. The ESI-32 is without a doubt the easiest to use, customizable, upgradeable and professional sampler perfect for anybody who is thinking about sample-based music. It is used by Daft Punk, Ixy InDaMix, and Somatic Responses as well as many, many more.

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Polyphony - 32 voices
Sampler - 16-Bit, 22 to 44.1 kHz sample rates in stereo
Memory - 2 MB expandable to 32 MB
Filter - Turbo Kit: 4 & 6 pole lowpass E3x lowpass, various hi-pass and band-pass, phaser, flanger and more
Effects - Reverb, Delay, Chorus, Flange, Distortion and Vibrato
Keyboard - None
Options - Turbo Expansion Kit and 8 outputs, Internal SCSI Zip or Hard drive, Digital I/O card, external SCSI interface
Control - MIDI
Date Produced - 1994/95


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