It's been five years since the death of the Japanese artist and composer Isao Tomita due to chronic heart failure. He was known as a pioneer of synthesizer music. Early in his career, he released an album of electronic renditions of rock and pop songs called Electric Samurai: Switched on Rock.
BOSS introduced their new guitar, the EURUS GS-1, during the 2021 Summer NAMM Show. The most surprising element of this guitar is that it features an onboard synth engine.
Many synth users should be familiar with Ableton Live 11 as it comes free with numerous hardware products and apps. Owners of older versions of Live Lite are also eligible for a free upgrade to Live 11 Lite without the need for a new serial number.
Karanyi Sounds have recently released their first-ever virtual instrument, the Minipol, which is a powerful virtual analog synthesizer.
Cherry Audio has posted a video titled “That’s odd…” on YouTube to tease the release of their next instrument, which goes live on July 15. The short video clip opens with a shot of the Moog Memorymoog while the narrator describes the power of this analog polysynth from the early eighties.
The MatrixBrute Noir Edition started as a rumor after some leaked images earlier this year, but this synth by Arturia has now received an official release.
Peter Zinovieff, the British engineer, and composer, has passed away at the age of 88. Zinovieff was hospitalized for ten days after a fall at his home and died on the night of 23 June 2021.
Sonos Radio HD is living up to its promise of stations curated by world-renowned artists featuring the music they love the most. One of the latest artists to receive his own station on the service is Brian Eno.
Good news for owners of the COBALT8 line, which includes the COBALT8, COBALT8M, and COBALT8X, as Modal Electronics recently pushed out a free update for these units.
A while back, we looked at some of the FX pedals popular amongst synthesizer fans. However, as with anything synth-related, there is always much more on offer than what can be fit into a single article.
Traktion has recently announced the release of their 11-operator FM synthesizer, F.em. According to Traktion, F. ’em is not just one of the most powerful FM synths ever made but also one of the most versatile. 
Black Corporation, the boutique synth maker from Tokyo behind Deckard’s Dream, Kijimi, and Xerxes, has recently announced an upcoming addition to their roster. All of their previous synths took inspiration from classic analog synthesizers, and the upcoming one, called ISE-NIN, is no exception.
Moog Music recently shared a video on their YouTube channel featuring the internationally acclaimed modular synthesist, Lisa Bella Donna, performing a track called Ascension. The performance, which was filmed in the Moog Sound Lab, was inspired by live synthesizer performances of the 1970s.
Music makers can sign up for the Loop Create event hosted by Ableton, scheduled for June 26-27, 2021. Ableton describes the event as a place to meet a wide variety of music makers worldwide, all of who have something new to share.
Due to a combination of disruptions caused by COVID and a semiconductor shortage, the synthesizer market, in particular, has been facing a lot of challenges.