Some big names in the synthesizer industry have announced their latest releases, which is good news for fans but maybe not so great for their wallets. Here’s a quick roundup of the hottest new releases and how much they will set you back.
MIDI Goblin, a hardware patch librarian for synthesizers created by Andrew Crawford, quickly exceeded its $2,326 Kickstarter goal. According to Andrew, the MIDI Goblin can be used as a patch bank for synthesizers and MIDI controllers that lack the ability to save patches locally.
Analog synthesizer fans might want to mark their calendars as Cyma Forma has announced that they will be launching a Kickstarter campaign for ALT soon. According to the creators, ALT is an analog synthesizer that is designed to expand the realm of sound design through intricate motion.
Nothing is better than a good hardware synthesizer, but when it comes to price and convenience, a software synth is hard to beat. Here are just a few of the most notable recent releases. VintageBy BehringerLink:
Nothing beats new hardware to play around with, and fortunately, there are plenty of new and upcoming releases for synth enthusiasts to get excited about.
Wee Noise Makers has launched a Crowd Supply project to fund the creation of an open-source synthesizer, sequencer, and groove box called PGB-1.
Synth enthusiasts have a couple of new and upcoming releases available that cater to different demographics. Arturia has a new offering for softsynth fans looking for a tactile way to experience their favorite synths.
 The Swarm is not the only synthesizer-related Kickstarter to have recently succeeded.
One of the great things about the synthesizer space is that there are plenty of new releases that can slot into your old workflow or updates that can breathe new life into older hardware.
From new and upcoming releases to updates, there are plenty of things happening in the world of software synths and plugins. Here’s a quick roundup of what is new and interesting for people who prefer their synthesizers virtual.  
As we approach the second quarter of 2024, synthesizer enthusiasts have already experienced plenty of great releases. There are also plenty of upcoming hardware and software to get excited about, but for now, here is a roundup of notable releases that recently hit the market. 
 Online retailer Fanatical, known for selling games, books, and software in heavily discounted bundles, has announced its Plugins & Sounds: Music Making Easy Bundle. The bundle is available with three different price tiers featuring more than $300 worth of content.